Friday, April 8, 2011

Bizarre Creations, Streets Of Rage'd, Chubby Sonic, And....Commodore 64?


Oh, it's another "See, I told you so," moment.  Members of Bizarre Creations are opening up about their studio's closing, all thanks to the greatest publisher of all time, Activision.

"We weren't an independent studio making 'our' games anymore," said former creative director Martyn Chudley. "We were making games to fill slots. Although we did all believe in them, they were more the products of committees and analysts. The culture we'd worked on for so long gradually eroded just enough so that it wasn't 'ours' anymore."

Chudley also claimed that the studio was given the opportunity to buy itself back, but as commercial manager Sarah Chudley explained it, the studio had grown considerably since the Activision takeover and "we just didn't have the skills, capability or finances to look after over 200 people." Without a third party coming in to assume control, it seemed wiser for everyone to walk away.

See what I mean?  You want to make these crummy mainstream games?  You want to become these big, bloated studios?  I see that after PGR4, they made The Club, Blur, and 007: Blood Stone.  Now I thought Blur was good but the, they were expendable.  And Bizarre didn't last long either.  Goodbye originality, thanks again Activision.


Yes, and this isn't brand new news, but there was a group of people working on a Streets of Rage (Sega) remake entirely from scratch.  It's been worked on for about eight years and they're nearing the final version.  Where's Sega in all of this?  Have they done anything good recently?  Like do the fans have to do everything?

EDIT: Big news, apparently I just found a source for this.  Didn't read about this on any of those stupid blogs like Kotaku or Joystiq.  Sega is shutting down this SoR fan remake.  Apparently, this is why the link above doesn't have a "click here to download" link.  Yeah, that's great, Sega.  You knew for YEARS about this project but now you are issuing the cease-and-desist when they are nearly 100% done?  EIGHT YEARS IN PROGRESS DOWN THE DRAIN.  All the art, coding, sound, etc.  That is a serious ass-hat maneuver.  Pissing on the fans who are trying to salvage whatever glorious remains exist of your derelict empire.  Just great.

Before the link was taken down, many people have downloaded the game so if you can somehow find a kind soul to "slip" you the game, then so be it.  Until then, scratch up another Sega demerit.  Yes, I know that it's really Sega's copyright, but DAMN, Sega has zero interest in most of its old games and they're trying to help you.  So WTG Sega.

"Booooo...." Life of a Sega fan.


But speaking of Sonic, Sega has done at least ONE good thing...

Check out the Sonic 20th Anniversary trailer and there's a brief clip with old-school Sonic alongside new Sonic.  Wow!!!  I care a lot.


And get this!  They are rereleasing the Commodore 64 at this very moment.  This time, it's going to function like a quality desktop machine, complete with a 160 GB hard drive, 2 GB of RAM, a dual core processor, a fancy video card, USB ports, CD tray, all sorts of goodies in that old-school look.  Nice, but can it run Supermodel emulation???

Unfortunately, I'm not buying this.  The top-of-the-line C64 costs $900 and I don't really need a new computer.  I do like those old-school keyboards--the ones that go "clack-clack-clack" when you type.  Now those were cool.

More Sega racer news in like two minutes, please hold on.

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