Sunday, April 3, 2011

Supermodel Emulator...First Time I've Played Daytona 2 In A Long, LLLooooonnnngggg Time...

Oh Good Lord is this a weird day...

Now I posted those Daytona 2/Scud Race emulation videos a while back and they were stunning.  A guy by the name Bart Trzynadlowski (this is his site) has been working on a model3 emulator for some time.  Now you can play it yourself.

Gotta give credit to isamu for posting the link to the message board topic.  I guess he is our emulation reporter guy.

This is the link to the Supermodel emulator.  Click on the first link you see (  Then follow these instructions on how to set up the program.  It's not that hard to do if you have any computer know-how.  EDIT: BTW, here are the default key configs (they can be edited, read to find out how).

Then you need the roms.  I got roms for Daytona 2, Daytona 2: Edition, and Scud Race Plus.  Only one of them worked--D2: PE.  I don't know where workable roms are for those games since they are missing files.  I'm not going to tell you where to get the roms (I don't want to get sued) but just type in "download model3 roms daytona usa 2" in Google and you'll find that one easily.  I'll give you a hint if you're downloading a proper D2:PE rom--it'll be 84.9 MB.  Then when you start up the D2:PE rom, read this tip here on how to get the game working after you've loaded the rom.

Wow, 84.9 MB.  The Daytona 2 game in my hands.  You could fit 40+ copies of this game on a standard 4 GB flash drive.  The entire content of a magnificent Sega racer in my hand and I can't play it.  Unbelievable.  It's like owning an iPhone with no battery.  It's like having a fine cake but you're lactose intolerant.  It's like being the richest man in the world but having no friends.  You'd think with today's technology, everyone is able to play this game, but no.  Only now, 13 years later, is the game actually starting to come together.  And Sega has done NOTHING to bring back the game.  The OutRun 2 bonus courses are as close as we got.


But anyway, let's talk about the game.

You'd think that I'd be in cardiac arrest over the game, but to the contrary, this game is not arcade smooth for me.  The framerate on my computer is terrible.  For everyone one in-game second, it takes 10 seconds in real life.  So basically, the game is running at 5-10% speed.  Yes, I did try reducing the resolution but it didn't change anything.  It took me about five minutes just to press start, pick a track/car/transmission and go.  Other problems include texturing and all that emulator nonsense.  There is also no sound whatsoever.

 This is how the car select screen looked.

So then I pick the Phantom AT on the Challenge course (all 3 courses in one).  Now previously, I had gone to the service settings and altered the difficulty to Easy so I had the most time to finish.  You use the up and down arrows to gas/brake and the left and right arrows to steer.  Alright.  I try to take my time on every turn and avoid powerslides and wrecks.  The only bad wreck was the alley-to-alley right turn in the city.  I got wedged between the barriers and that wasted a lot of my time.  This is when not being able to go in reverse bites you in the ass.  Playing with a slow framerate doesn't make it any easier (unless you're going for a TAS run).

This is the turn in question.  I got stuck by those red arrow signs.

But by going slow, you get to check out all the little details that you missed.  When you wreck, the items on your hud shake back and forth a bit.  Also even more interesting are some elements in the scenery.   For instance, there are yellow "New Joke City" banners by the Expert course starting line.  There are Daytona 2 promotional posters on the wall in the alleyways in the area above.  There is also an orange-checkered banner labeled "Sega Dreamcast Cup Racing" above the pit area on the Beginner course.  Dreamcast???  Back in 1998?  Yes, it's there, go look for it.

This is as far as I made it.  I was only one turn away from the finish line.  The race lasted 30-40 minutes.  I sat there for the entirety, listening to no music and sound, controlling the car with these tiny laptop arrow keys, not even encumbered by the Xbox 360 which I had left on and was blowing heat into the room.  This is the screen capture I took:

I wish I had taken more pictures of the game, but I wasn't running Fraps and the game couldn't be paused so I had to keep on playing.

I really don't know what to make of this.  Emulation can only get better from here so hang on boys.


*cries* I got to play the game after all these years.  And it was only at 10% of the speed but it was so satisfying.  Seeing that car bob back and forth through the was awe-inspiring compared to these stiff-as-a-board racing sims these days.  While satisfying, it is only a glimmer of what the actual arcade cabinet could offer.

If only Sega had done something with the game over these past 13 years.  I mean, insert all the obscenities you want.  Why???  I'm going to have to get a better computer for this.

I guess I should go back and try the Nebula model2 (Daytona USA) emulator which I presume will run faster than this.
God bless 'em.


  1. dude! this emulator is our god send! I can run scudrace and dayona2PE at 60fps! you just need a new PC with fast CPU and a good GPU. no sound yet. I Have to find a day2:BattleONEdge ROM so i can race the Indoor dome track, this emu is awesome!
    I have a corei7 740qm 1.73 GHZ 4core or 8 core, and a nvidia 1.5 gb gpu gtx460m, windows 7 16gb system ram.

  2. make sure you put this command in to get the best performance:

    supermodel -res=640,480 -fullscreen
    -no-throttle -ppc-frequency=50

  3. specs dont need to be outstanding
    a single core CPU clocked @ 2ghz or higher
    any ati or nvida GPU, even a old geforce 4ti
    1Gb of ram

    amazing work so far on this emulator, Bart is a f***** genius :)

  4. This is gonna show lots of promise, i went through Star Wars Trilogy with some graphical hiccups and no sound, but lots of parts were at full-speed.

  5. I have a Hewlett-Packard HP G60 Notebook PC.

    Has a Pentium (R) Dual-Core CPU T4300 @ 2.10 GHz and 3.00 GB of RAM. Oh, and a 64-bit operating system.

    What's the video card...oh, it's some generic one...I don't know if I can replace a laptop's video card or not. I always get stuck with bad computers.

    I'm glad Supermodel is working for everyone else. It can only get better from here.

  6. will this work with a mac? please god please. i wanna play my scud raaace!

  7. I'm fairly certain it can. Check out post #255 in this thread, guy says he can run it on a Mac:

  8. Hi Eric, like you I've been using Supermodel on a PC that didn't really have the CPU power for it and have been playing Scud Race and Daytona 2 at about 20-25 fps (Daytona always seemed a lot slower than Scud Race). Way better speed than I was getting on MAME but still not up to scratch. I'd been gradually talking myself into buying a new PC and decided to finally bite the bullet today and got one with an Intel core i5-2310 with 8GB memory and a Nvidia GeForce GT530 with 1GB dedicated memory and hooo-boy, it's worth every penny to finally play all the Supermodel games at 60 fps. Also, it means I can now do 2 player, dual screen, Model 2 Emulator from the 1 PC with no slowdown. If your current system specs aren't up to scratch, I'd seriously recommend upgrading ;)

  9. Cool, I was using a laptop right now that can't be upgraded. In two weeks, I'm going to get a great laptop for school that can run anything. So I'm stoked...