Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cars 2: A Movie About Cars

Anyone heard about this Cars 2 movie coming out in June 24th? 

I thought they announced Cars 2 several years back so this was inevitable.  It's the second Pixar movie to get a sequel.  Now to tell you the truth, I'm awfully surprised.  Cars was probably the least-received of the Pixar movies except for A Bug's Life.  Of course, I would say that Cars 1 was probably my favorite Pixar movie behind Toy Story.  Why?  Cause it's cars, duh.  The race sequences were well-done and I like that.

The three things no one seemed to like were 1. the long drawn-out Radiator Scenes, 2. Tow Mater, and 3. ripoff of Doc Hollywood.  Well, yeah, the Radiator Springs scenes were rather long and I wanted to see more racing.  EDIT: However, I did like the canyon cruis'n and nighttime city lights scenes as well.  As for Tow Mater, well Larry the Cable Guy is an acquired taste.  Who else would you cast as a rusty tow truck?  And I've never seen Doc Hollywood so so what if Pixar plagiarizes it.

One of the cool parts in Cars 1 was when Doc Hudson and McQueen raced around some dirt track.  Doc Hudson could drift but McQueen couldn't so he fell off a cliff.  DAYTONA USA/SEGA RALLY STYYLIIEEE11111!

Anyway, so Cars 2 is about Lightning McQueen going to some World Grand Prix in Tokyo but he also get caught up in a British spy ring mission.  Oh wow, I don't know how that's going to turn out, but the more racing the better!  I know about some of the characters when I was looking around Epcot on my Disney trip.  The other race cars, each of which represent some country, I got a kick out of.

These are the race cars.  I really would like to know how a rally car could contend with a LeMans car, but by God they'll do it.

Wait, cause they're in Japan, you have to play this music!!!

Maybe they will go drifting down the Akina or something like that.

Beautiful.  Seeing a stock car race a F1 car is kind of funny cause they're not even close performance-wise, but we all know a Daytona USA stock car can compete with the best of them, right?

And these happen to be two of the spy cars.  Rofl, an Aston Martin DB5, perfect.  And I really would like to know what a Dodge Challenger has to do with espionage, but it does so deal with it.

Now I still have some pressing questions about the Cars universe.  First of all, how are cars born?  What about junkyards, are those graveyards, so to speak?  What about normal everyday cemeteries?  Are destruction derbies like fight clubs?  How do wrecked cars get repaired?  If you're born as a crap economy car or a minivan, can you move up in status or are you stuck in the same "wealth class" for the rest of your life?  How do cars build buildings anyway?

You know what, I don't know and I don't care cause this is the best movie ever made.  This is the only movie where these conundrums exist since the main characters live in their own world outside of human reality and don't have opposable thumbs.

I'm kind of pissed they're not bringing back The King or any of the old stock cars but what did you expect?  Even as a cameo appearance.

Then there was also Chick Hicks who has the old 80's-90's style stock car (see Daytona USA Hornet), but no one likes him since he's an assh*** and (SPOILER FOR CARS 1)

he wrecked The King and stole the trophy away from Lightning McQueen.

EDIT: BTW, this is also funny.  Michael Schumacher makes a cameo appearance at the end of Cars 1 as a Ferrari F430.  Guido, the little Fiat 500, gets to go to the Ferrari museum and passes out upon sight of Mr. Schumacher.  Lol, OutRun 2.  It's kind of strange that Schumacher wasn't a F1 car but who cares.

Anyway, a new Cars movie means an influx of more toy car merchandise that'll never disappear.  You never see any Pixar stuff besides Toy Story and Cars.  Apparently because Cars characters make cooler toys than...say, Finding Nemo or Wall-E characters.  And Toy Story is Toy Story, there is no debate there.  Hey, I'm just sayin'.

You can already read the Cars 2 wiki for loads of information.


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