Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some More Daytona 2 Pics And Inquiries

My good friend model3 suggested I tried out the Supermodel emulator on another computer.  Sadly, I cannot upgrade this laptop's integrated video card so no use trying to pursue it here.  Let's try it on my dad's computer.  So the game runs much faster--3 in-game seconds/real-life seconds so it is much more playable.  Not too grand however.  The game becomes very choppy (presumably skipping frames altogether) in the Expert course's subway tunnel & grass field.  So even on a good computer I can't see the framerate working out just yet.

I also am trying to get good at the game again, but what I think's holding me back is the lack of analog controls.  Basically, turning 100% all the time isn't cutting it because you need to ease in and out of drifts.

BTW, you can use save states.  Press F5 to save and F7 to load.  F6 increments the save state (0-9), but you need to be looking at the console to see which state you're in.

I did manage to come in first on the Beginner course with the Phantom MT.  This is without save states--I'm not a cheater.  I had to take these pics with Print Screen so I only got a few (didn't have Fraps).

 First name you see is Makoto Osaki...cause he's that damn important.

Music credits, it's your famous singer Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, the Daytona 1 vocalist.

 Cool overhead view.

Nice picture, really good angle.  I wish I had snapped it just before the text came up though.

I went to the game assignments menu and turn campaign scoring on.  I hardly knew anything about this until now.  Basically, you enter your initials and your birthdate (press the view change buttons).  Each time you race tacks on more points to your ranking.  I presume the better your position & time, the more points you get.  So that is a cool feature but looks like your score goes away every time you turn off the ROM :(

Now here is the game assignments menu.  Look above at Link ID.  That's where you link up your multiplayer cabinets.  Now look at car number--seven???  That indicates which number car will pop up on this cabinet as opposed to the default #41 paint jobs.  Sad news is this mode doesn't work at all because the emulator doesn't detect a network board.

Psssh--look at this!  The car number goes up to 16?  So you can have 16 players in a local setup?  This is something I remember hearing about years ago.

The reason I bring up the car numbers is because when a cabinet is hooked up to a network, each car number has a different distinct color which replaces the default colors.  In Daytona USA 1, from Players 1 thru 8, it's in this order: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, Pink, Light Blue, OrangeSee here.  Now, I only know the Daytona USA 2 cars' colors up to 6: White, Blue, Black, Yellow, Red, Light Blue.  That's because I saw a six-player setup at as NASCAR Speedpark once.

To illustrate, this Daytona 2 car is yellow and is thus Player 4.

That's where it stops for me.  So I don't know what the P7/P8 cars look like.  I'm going to venture a guess and say P7 is Green and P8 is Orange.  I've never seen an actual 8-player Daytona 2 setup so hell if I know.

 Is this Heaven?  No, it's Sega Gameworks (a guess).

Ultimately, what this screen shows however is that you don't necessarily need eight cabinets to get up to P8, you can set the cabinets to any player you want.  So if you want to have a twin Daytona cabinet with P3 and P4, go ahead.  Deviate from the norm.

Now, I only thought Daytona 2 went up to eight players.  But it really goes up to sixteen players.  So you can have P9 thru P16?  Well, what the hell colors are P9 thru P16?  I have no clue--this is like an astronomist theorizing what's inside a black hole--just unfathomable.  I have a feeling that it's just a repeat of P1 thru P8--for instance, P9 is White, P10 is Blue, etc.  My reasoning is that I don't think Sega wants to spend time recoloring 32 more cars (4 per player) that'll never be seen.  IF ONLY I OWNED AN ACTUAL DAYTONA 2 TWIN CABINET, THEN MAYBE I COULD ALTER THE SETTINGS AND FIND OUT MYSELF.

And this is why we have to crack this ROM open and discover what's inside.  My goodness, I'm awfully tired now, I must go to bed.


  1. cool post. hey, choose the car # and i think the ROM will play the game with that new color? I need to try it myself. i have seen an 8 player daytona2, but if 16 was possible, WOW! = ) i saw many twin scudrace, saw a 4 scudrace, and several deluxe scud and day 2, so awesome!

  2. Can't pick any car color other than the default settings. That's dumb, but we may get multiplayer soon and we'll be able to find out then :)