Monday, April 18, 2011

More Sega Racing Goodness Videos!!!

Alright, boys and girls!  Happy Passover to our Jewish friends!  Now that emulators have exploded onto the scene, we're getting new Daytona 1/2/Scud Race footage!  Now that's not terrible.  These aren't my videos--I don't actually do "anything" anymore but report the news, thereby trying to act relevant when I'm really not!

Nice intro movie.  It gets a little choppy in the Tips To Win part, but pretty good.

This is the Super Bonus course from Scud Race Plus.  No sound so that sucks.  You race through the house Micro Machines-style!  Sega-AM2 is crazy and don't you forget it.

Ok, now let's step back to model2 emulation.  This is Daytona USA Turbo, a mod that gives the Hornet large monster truck tires and turns the Start button into NNNIIITTTRROOUUSSSS.  Car goes 850 kph/530 mph, wow....there's really no need for this mod since you shouldn't mess with perfection.  I know little about this mod nor do I know how they programmed it without the original source code, but still, you have now learned about it.

Thanks model3 for finding this video!  This is OutRun 2 beta footage with different camera angles.  Just like Daytona USA 2's secret camera views.  I wonder how one gets their hands on this beta copy anyway.

Not even going to bother embedding this video: This is the Tomorrowland Arcade from Disney World in May 2008.  Now you know I went there in March 2011.  But in 2008 they had a Daytona 2 deluxe cabinet but it wasn't turned on?  WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU, DISNEY!!!  They still had the usual suspects--Fast & Furious, Mario Kart GP, even OutRun 2 which ain't bad...

Now this isn't Sega racing, but we can bend the rules here since Sonic "races" at the speed of sound.  Now you will be able to play as Genesis Sonic in 2D and Dreamcast Sonic in 3D, both in two variations of the same levels.  Green skies are back.  Well, it may still suck, I'm not going to guarantee that.  For instance, people may still complain about 3-D Sonic's "auto-pilot" sections, geez.  At least Sega looks like they're listening to fan feedback.

But the question is this...if Sega is able to revive Sonic this way, can't we revive the "Daytona USA Universe"--Sega racers from 1992-1998?  Why the hell not?  Do you think Sega's starting to loosen up to ideas like this?  I need to get hired by Sega now!!!  Just throwing this out there.  Alright, I'm done for now, cya guys.

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