Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Living On Candy Bars And Black Ops (And PS3 Hackers)

Mmm, these mini Crunch bars are really good.  You know, you ought to run over to Wall-Mart and check out all the discounted candy they have.  I still assume they have it.  Just cause it's not Easter doesn't mean you can't eat candy.


But anyway...for some mini-news.  Nintendo is gonna release a new console in 2012 and everyone assumes it will crush this current lineup of consoles.  I don't care; it will probably be just a Wii 2.0, kind of like how the 3DS is an upgraded DS.  Blahblahblah, Sony and MS are probably going to release new consoles in 2014 so I really wonder how much better these games will look and what will happen to our old 360/PS3 accounts (achievement points, DLC, etc.).  Eh, I don't think it'll be as pretty as everyone suggests.  I really don't know how much better these consoles can get now.

Virtual reality?  Not like Virtua Racing/Fighter, CERTAINLY NOT Virtual Boy, but actual virtual reality?  What a load of crap.  Stick to your little iPhone games, people.  That's the future of gaming--little $2 apps...

Speaking of the PS3, which has been hacked BTW, this is not the first time the server's gone down.  Oh my, how much we gamers rely on these servers to run our consoles.  Ok, I've already talked about the "servers going down = RIP console" theory over and over again.  I hardly ever use my PS3 other than to play Blu-Ray movies (even then I hate movies so I never use it at all, HA).


EDIT: Turns out this PS3 breach may be a bigger f'n deal than normal.  Potential security info like passwords ,addresses, credit card numbers, etc..  1.4 of the 77 mil PS3 accounts hacked.  Now imagine if something happened to your trophies/achievement points, then I would be pissed.  EDIT AGAIN: UK Resistance is alive again!! Only to take advantage of their blissful dream come true.

Funny enough, there is a game by Introversion Software called Uplink (click for demo/pics).  You play as a hacker who steals money from banks, data from big companies, court evidence, etc.  You control the "desktop" of a hacker, trying to use password crackers and stuff while racing against the clock before security catches up on you.  Nowhere near as "severe" as Introversion's other game, Defcon: Everybody Dies, but when you consider the implifications of a company rep coming out to say, "Hey everybody, we just lost hundreds of millions of dollars/user accounts overnight, we're sorry," you gotta admit that is pretty heavy.

 Rofl.  *gets blown up*
Thanks to this dude whom I stole pic from 


Really, to tell you the truth, this last month has been excruciating.  I really haven't been able to do anything (besides the Disney trip) besides play video games with myself.  Mostly Black Ops because I'm pathetic like that.  It's gotten to the point where I become extremely frustrated with just about anything bad that happens.  There hasn't been any room for opportunity here.

I've yet to receive any sort of feedback from my Sega job application which is no surprise.  Just forget about it--Sega wants nothing to do with me.  Fine, keep churning out lousy movie adaptations and bad DC port rehashes, awesome job guys.  My SEGA Job Application.

I'm also nearly done with the FIEA application process; just need to do the fabled Production portfolio.  I will probably have to work on that alone for the next week or so.  I really hope I get accepted to FIEA.  I just want to learn about game design and programming.  But they're sticking me with pins and needles and it ain't good.  Odds are they'll see a minor flaw in me and just dump me in favor or some other Mountain Dew-drinking "cool" dude so I get sent to Full Sail where God knows what goes on there.  My visits to FIEA and Full Sail.

I really want to get going somewhere since I'm being driven crazy now.  I hope I get out of here and face new opportunities.  Just want to do SOMETHING and prove my worthiness but no--not happening since the world has been dropped on its head recently and I've been trying to keep my cool all this time.

Until then, just chillin out, playing some Black Cops, trying to hang on to Sega dreams while I'm at it...

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