Monday, April 4, 2011

LOADS OF NEW Daytona 2 Emulation Pics

First, when you're starting up Supermodel, enter the following parameters in the command prompt to speed up your game a little:

supermodel -res=640,480 -fullscreen -no-throttle -ppc-frequency=50 

EDIT: Actually, I think removing the "-no-throttle" part makes it go faster (for me anyway)

It helped speed up my game a little...from 5% to 10%, Yes!!!  Still takes 20 minutes to finish one race though.

Now I uploaded a few (few???? WARNING TO 56K USERS...ah hell, too late) random pics to my Photobucket that I took with Fraps (EDIT: don't worry, pics aren't that big) :

Ok, let's give the Chums Gum JC Eagle a spin!

Those numbers above the starting line are a nice touch.


You can drop that hammer anytime you want--oops, wrong game.

Burnin' rubber (as you can see, there's not a lot of eventful pics to be gained from this course).

GOAL!  As you can tell, I ran consistent 18's until the end there...

Not even close to a WR but I'm happy.

Ok, so we're gonna try out the Hornet and what the hell is this.

Don't worry, the textures fix themselves when you race.

Great, the big problem with the Hornet is that you can't make sudden movements with it.  Since the controls are 100% left or right, you start to drift when you turn at high speed.

 Cool picture.

See that white square with the orange spiral over there?  That's the Dreamcast logo.  In Battle on the Edge, it's a big Gameworks logo.

I'm headed towards those arrow signs!!!  ASS!!!

Careful, you'll melt yer tires!!


Could the trunk flop any higher?

 I really like how the tires look when you slide.  They look larger than usual because that's the skid effect (emulator is not rendering that properly).

Boats and hoes!!!

Ok, I'm sucking pretty bad right now so I'm gonna commit suicide on that wall.

We have LIFTOFF!!

There goes the hood!!

This is a car snuff film.


Well, the car is alive and well, something you can't say about Burnout's cars.

It's a rave house!  That's just the emulator though.

I have no idea how to drift with the Hornet now.

This race is over, wow that was horrible.

Wait, what the hell is this?  The service screen?  No one cares about that!

I thought these color gradients were just remnants of the 80's.

DAYUM Waffle screen!!!

No one cares what time it is cause it's DAYTONA USA time everywhere.

What the--bookkeeping???  They've been spying on me all this time???

No one cares anymore, set it to freeplay & let's go.

Ok, this is the Scorpio on Mix course.  Lookin good I see.

Got a mean-looking slide going!

Look, it's our friend, Cowboy Dan.

As you can see, the building is labeled "Great Central Station," which makes no sense.

FREAKIN explosions everywhere!

New Joke City banners!!

Oh hello, look at these Daytona 2 promotional flyers!  Like the one used for my background.

 Some of these logos you see here were used in OutRun 2: SP's Skyscrapers course.

OutRun 2: SP

Chard Tomsons, Oyeen, Hipster Italian Restaurant?

Nice turn, baseball stadium over there.

Summerfest banner.  On the OR2 bonus course, this Summerfest banner replaced the Checkpoint banner.

Limit 17ft.  NO FIRE!

Dirty industry.

Turn on Headlights.  WHAT THE--stock cars don't have real headlights.  Central City & Forest Island, what the hell is that??

I'm in a tunnel.

I'm turning.

Oh look, it's the Blocolli Neighborhood!  Look at the sign on the right.

Oooooo, now you know where we're going.

See look at the left, there's the Dreamcast banner!

MOVE OVER, the car says.

Burn rubber!!!


I did okay given the circumstances.

Damn, look at all these freakin cars...

HI!  It's me again!  Hope you didn't forget about all my awesome work on this game!  (o rly?)



  1. glad you found the supermodel command helpful!!

  2. you get a new PC man, fast Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU, you will be great!!

  3. eric, what is your email address? you can email me at


    Already sent you an e-mail, hope you get it.

  5. awesome! will a logotech gt force work with this? ugh ive been out of this sega racers drug for a long time. i need it badly! :(

  6. Probably not. You can only play with the keyboard. Maybe if you bind the wheel to the keys, but it's not going to handle like a traditional wheel at all...

  7. Aww man. Hey eric can u post some videos of this? Thanks for representing sega racing fans like myself