Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Eggs Sega Racer Style


Anyway, this is Uma the Horse, the secret playable "character" in Daytona USA for Saturn (both original and CCE).  Which I thought was pretty stupid but it's an easter egg, lololol.

You know, going back, I always thought the audio on the Saturn version was really annoying...

There are other little cheats in Daytona USA (Saturn) such as "Mash the X button to get the Jeffry statue to spin on his head" and "Stop the slot machine in Beginner course and get extra time."  No videos exist of these.  See here.

Then there is the "You Just Lost Your Sponsors" sign that everyone knows, what were they thinking when they threw that in there.  Next thing you know, they're gonna start adding secret alcoves, keys, and WICKED JUMPS San Francisco Rush style.

And some dude running Daytona USA 2 off his homemade arcade "cabinet," nice.  The shifter doesn't work though.  I'm starting to see more Daytona 2 love if people really regret missing out the first time so we get stuff like the Supermodel emulator.  Now that's great news.


  1. Thanks for the follow, I'm gonna follow you back.

    I'll be playing Sega Rally Online Arcade this week, if I can rip myself away from the Gears of War 3 beta.

  2. Nice...I'm having trouble figuring out the SROA release date. I guess May. Anyway, thanks for the follow, keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Eric, just to let you know I'm still alive! A few weeks ago I managed to grab myself a brand new PS2 steering wheel for 49 pence! O_O Anyway it works fine and I'm currently playing some Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec. That game cost me £2 to buy; it's amazing to think that for under £5 I can get the same amount of enjoyment from old racers as I can with new ones. Retrogaming rules at the moment! :)

    Managed to play some Daytona USA 2: PE on Tuesday. Unfortunately only 1 cabinet now works out of the 4 on offer. The arcade it resides in was the first Sega Park opened in the UK way back in 1993; it's now been renamed Slots/Amusements! :( No real achievements of note.

    Sad to see the end of Daytona USA at a local fairground arcade that visits during Easter. Replaced with...yes, Fast & Furious!

    Hope all well with you!

  4. Nice work, I really ought to invest in a racing wheel again. Old Gran Turismo was always fun.

    I also hate seeing broken Daytona cabinets. Better to just get rid of them than to let them sit. Hate this junk, proves they don't care. And more FnF games, oh woe is us.

    And if you could be so kind as to click on the Follow button below cause I want to get my stats up...