Saturday, April 2, 2011

NASCAR The Game 2011 Is Screwed Up, Rofl

Ok, no more April Fool's jokes.  I tried to make it believable but I highly doubt anyone fell for it anyway.  And that would be cruel if it were real.  I don't want anyone to be rushed to the emergency room.

But alrighty then, about NASCAR 2011.  Well, let's see how Eutechnyx did.  Well, this is a long-ass video from Giant Bomb.  Jeff Gerstmann and Ryan Davis (who kissed Split/Second's ass so they lose credibility for that alone) try it out.  I know this is a long ass video so you can just skip around if you want. WARNING: Profanity

NOTE: About this video, just wait for the video to load a bit before you skip around. Don't drag the dot to a dark grey spot or the whole streaming process screws up.

For the record, if you go to 29 minutes, you see Pocono Speedway which is the inspiration behind Daytona USA's tri-oval Beginner course, amazing!!  Of course, Pocono goes in reverse (sharpest turn is Turn 1, not 3).

EA Sports: It's Not In The Game...HAHA, I read this from some YouTube commenter.

...but yeah, so there's nothing from the game that's dramatically different from previous NASCAR games.  Just cars cruisin' in circles in that usual stoic manner.  I would've liked if they injected a few Sega "adrenaline" aspects into the game, but clearly they were going for realism so flying at 180 MPH isn't the most exciting experience there is (check out Days of Thunder if you want to go 270 MPH in a stock car)

There's a few nice things.  The cars leave windtunnel lines to display drafting zones which is a nice touch.  The HUD and damage models look better than previous stock car iterations.  You can also customize your car's design as well, but to what extent I don't know.  Would like to get the Hornet or the Phantom in here you know but I doubt it will be possible.

But this game, as of now, has two backbreaking glitches.  WARNING TO ALL PEOPLE PLANNING ON PLAYING THIS GAME: IT WILL KILL YOUR STEERING WHEEL PERIPHERALS!  No really, let me reiterate, if you plug in any kind of steering wheel and use it, apparently the force feedback will fry the wheel within a short period of time.  This is being talked about on the official forums!!!  EDIT: Another link.  Wow, a game destroying a that is sick.  You may be able to avert this mutiny by disabling force feedback, but I wouldn't know for sure.

Hey, assuming I lost a steering wheel to this game, do you think they would give me a replacement?  Or am I screwed?

The second problem will not cause damage to your hardware, but in theory it could make you raged enough to do the damage yourself.  Online play is so glitched up right now.  I mean, look at this.  Tell me this isn't tragic.  WARNING: SOME PROFANITY  (These warnings are getting really old BTW.  Only posting them so GameFAQs won't label my blog link as NSFW.).  Oh yeah, THIS IS NOT MY VOICE.

Wow, now all the yellow flags and the peeled-apart cars.  Hard to keep a straight face on this.

But wait!  There is help on the way.  Check out a patch fix list coming soon.  A laundry list I might add.  Good strategy guys-- release a buggy game now, patch it later.  It's the new "in-thing" in game design--all the cool devs do it.  Well, at least I commend Eutechnyx for trying to fix the game.  Standing ovation for Eutechnyx for putting the NASCAR license to good use!!  Bravo!! *teary eyes*

Unfortunately, there aren't any official reviews of the game out yet.  If it's glitch-free, it can probably get 8.5 or better but now it's gonna piss a lot of people offEDIT: Wham--6.0 on GameSpot.  Some people have already talked about selling the game. The reviews will come soon anyway so I can post 'em later.  I might buy this game it turns out to be actually good so I'm holding back a bit.  Take it back to the garage for some fine-tuning.  Okay, I am done for now.

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