Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More CS Maps: The Thrill Is Gone

Right now I'm just dumping off my maps.  Here's the usual three-some: WWII Stalingrad, Top Secret Base, and Jungle Warfare.  None are too spectacular but who cares.


The next three maps should be crazy enough for you.  But after the next three maps...that's it.  Then I'll upload the Carrington Institute/Area 51 maps and I'm done.  Nothing you haven't seen before.

Well, actually, there is ONE map that I made but it would seem too controversial to release and I don't think I'll post it.  It would be too dicey and most people wouldn't get it anyway.  BTW, it's not a porn map.  There's already a few of those on CS, mostly aim/AWP maps though.  I haven't played those before, trust me.

More CS maps from me.  Much "cooler" ones I might add.

EDITEDITEDIT VERY IMPORTANT: If you downloaded the SA2 Ark and SMB2 levels I made before, get the Slightly Updated Versions Here and Here.


Oh wow, where do I begin...I remember the old days of CS 1.6.  Running up and down those fun CS maps, hanging out with guys, but those times are over.  There's actually a lot of CS servers (about 70,000), but you need to hunt them down on sites like Game-Monitor.com.  But most of the servers I've seen are running gimmicky crap like GunGame, Zombies, Aim/AWP, Jailbreak, etc.  The only "serious" servers left are playing de_dust over and over again.

Seems like when you gain something (model3 emulation), another thing goes away (Counter-Strike).

About these CS maps, I've worked on them for a period of years.  I only started to release them now because I was afraid I'd be criticized.  Well who cares now.  I was way too late.  I tried to be a big star in the mapping world but so what.  It's still fun though to be able to run around your own little mall, casino, or office building.  It's a bit of an art form...a crude art form, but a more interactive one since you can play games in it and whatnot.

Not much incentive to work on new maps now.  I've had a few people come up to me and make requests for dumb stuff like Quake/Duke Nukem maps, but I don't like requests unless they're really good.  The only reason I'd do it is because it makes me happy.  Just that it seems like more work than necessary.  And with my future game career plans, what time will I have left to spend working on crappy old maps for some crappy old game?

Oh, I don't know what I'm talking about now.  My connection is sucking really bad now so I can't play Black Ops.  I could elaborate further, but I want to stop now.

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