Saturday, August 14, 2010

CoD: Black Ops Zombies, Viral Videos?

EDIT: Since then Zombies have been announced for the game, the websites are different now...

Yes, four posts today, I'm on a roll.  I just browsed the GameFAQs boards and I came upon some "new stuff" for Black Ops.  Once again, I'm not too interested in this game but I thought this was worth posting.  Check out these flash videos (I think this is pretty old):

You have to turn the knob on the TV to get it to de-fuzz.  Some of these vids are just letters--I can't be arsed to figure out what they mean, but the sound effects are cool so I leave it on anyway.

Type in 1146340 in the password screen then press enter to get "Access Granted" and it goes into this different view thing.  It turns my computer into a lagfest though.

There's also this other GK page that has these pics on it that keep changing.  It's changing right now on 8/15.  It's a bit crypic but go ahead, take a look:

Some people have said that the above site is fradulent and made up by a fan in order to deceive others, but on one board, it's been proven that Treyarch owns both sites.  I think.

EDIT: As of August 20th or so, the gknova0 site went down so that's over.  It's been a bunch of random crap that really doesn't lead to much though.

You can also check out some really stupid and confusing video from this "Henry Langham" guy on YouTube. Once again most of these videos are old but if you haven't heard them, then so what, time to catch up. ACTUALLY, some of these vids (#6, #7, etc.) were released around mid August or something.  Watch out on Recording 13, it's a "screamer."  Here's the account:

I'm taking a dead guess here--continuation from the Nazi Zombies story from CoD:WaW, now it's the Cold War.  Soviets make zombies.  Everyone dies and that's the story's plot, the end.  Or it could be about nukes, but why would they do that?  Yeah, just see the videos for yourself.  Treyarch did the same thing in WaW by littering their game with tons of easter eggs and subtle hints towards a plot so this isn't new.  I'm also guessing this plot's separate from the normal Vietnam War plot they were going for in the trailers cause I can't see the two merging in some way.

Seriously, if this game doesn't have zombies, it wouldn't make any sense considering that Nazi Zombies basically SOLD CoD:WaW more than anything else.  IW is kicking themselves that they didn't come up with this first.

I love little easter eggs cryptic stories like this.  Definitely a lot better than that North Korea propaganda from Homefront or whatever that game is...

Also look at this thread, it has tons of information I didn't mention:

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