Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dumbest Scam E-mail I've Ever Seen?

I got this yesterday in my e-mail inbox.  Apparently the spam filter didn't pick up on it.  Oh man, if I don't reply to this e-mail soon, I'm screwed!  I feel like a dumbass having read this.

Send this jackass back to grade school cause with the grammar and crap visual appeal of this e-mail, he'd have the survival rate of a mosquito in the business world.  Yeah, I guess he learned from all the other jerks to throw in "We apologize for any inconvience," that really softens up the customers a bit.  Overall an F- in effort.  Click on the pic for larger size.

BUT WAIT, IT GETS BETTER....Crap Scam Email, the sequel!!

The big red text in the box is a marquee that scrolls to the left.  OOOOOOO, that really gets my attention, very professional...if this were 1998.  If I see this person out on the street, I'll rip his heart out of his chest and show it to his face before he dies so he can see how black it is...

And yes, I know there's probably worse e-mails out there (i.e. Nigerian prince thing), but this one at least "tries" to make you think otherwise.  I just feel like ripping these jerks a new one right about now. I'm just sick and tired of this crap.  Like my blood boils every time I think about this.


Oh and while we're on the subject of "Dumbass Internet Crap," years ago I had to deal with another computer of mine getting an bunch of viruses and spyware because my brother insisted on playing stupid "free" online games like Adventure Quest and Graal or whatever.  I told him not to but he did it anyway.  Now he just sits around and plays World of Warcraft--at least that's spyware-free (I think).  These are some of the popups that kept appearing in my quest to save my computer so I decided to screenshot them and reveal them for the idiots they are:

Now you know how I feel, but for all the wrong reasons.

I love the irony how spam popups advertize spyware removers.  Would I trust this software to work?  As much as I'd trust a sex offender with my only child.

I'd rather be a hobo hanging out down by the Shell gas station than an airhead Hollywood celebrity so no thanks.

And I could insert a billion "Free Smiley" ads here too.  They all look like ass to begin with so why would I care?  And Ebony, with all your cleavage shots, go play in traffic with Active Enterprises too, I'm serious.  I hate all of you guys.


You know what.  Right now, I've dealt with enough spam, spyware, viruses, e-mails, and other garbage that to be quite honest, I have no tolerance for this crap anymore.  Computers are supposed to be treated like a good thing, but we've got crap like this going on which just insults all of our intelligence, so you should be pissed too.  And there's the reason why I don't allow ads on this blog!  Because I'm sick and tired of looking at this crap wherever I go (yes, they're Google ads but still)!  And yes, there's devices that you can download to get rid of this crap.  I'm gonna take care of that later.

This is a dumb article but I don't care, I'm letting out some frustration.


  1. DUDE! Why are you using IE6!!! Update your sodding machine, and install a safer browser at least.
    If you cant update, you really should use Firefox or Chrome.

  2. Um, these pics were taken years ago.