Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rock Band 3 Keyboards!!

Look, right now I'm tired, I don't want to take much time so I'll make this quick.

The Whole Rock Band 3 Setlist.  83 songs that you'll get sick and tired of playing over and over again so make way for the DLC whores online!!!  There's not many songs that I'm enthusiastic about in this list.  I like how we got Foreigner, Dire Straits, The Doors, Golden Earring, Queen, Steve Miller, Lynyrd Skynard, Elton John, Def Leppard, Deep Purple, Stone Temple Pilots, Tom Petty, Jimi Hendrix, a lot of the rest is either unheard of or I don't really care.  No Fleetwood Mac or Aerosmith though, why I'm raged over this traversity.....

Good news is that many of the songs have keyboard tracks that you can play with the new keyboard peripheral.  Two octaves!  This instrument in combination with the vocal harmonies mean you can have six or more people playing at once--guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, main vocalist, extra vocalist(s).  I don't know how that's gonna work with just four control slots and limited space on the screen, but they're gonna do it somehow...

I really don't know a whole about what's going on, but you can expand the size the keyboard depending on difficulty (for instance, on easy you're playing 5 keys, medium 8 keys, etc.).  Anyway, you can play the whole width of the keyboard on "Pro Mode" and "shift" to account for octave changes.  And for songs with brief keyboard parts and mostly guitar and vice versa, you can play BOTH guitar and keyboard on this peripheral, maybe both in the same song.  I'm really excited to play this.  Too bad many old RB DLC songs that have piano don't have keyboards charted.  And to make things more screwed up, Queen's Somebody to Love and Boston's Smokin' have keyboards charted on guitar, so yeah.

RB3 comes out on Oct 26 so I'm stoked--one of the few games coming soon that I really, really want to play.


Ya know what, since we're on the subject of Rock Band, I might as well throw this in here too.  I once talked about getting the Daytona USA 2 songs into Rock Band via this new "Rock Band Network" crap (you can create your own tracks and put them up on the store IF they pass a quality test and you have the copyrights to do so).  Slingshot would have good vocals, I Can Do It would have good guitar, Skyscraper Sequence would have good drums and bass.  But forget about those songs, they're too good to be in a game with a creepy fanbase (you haven't seen the drummers I run into online).  I say throw Initial D songs to the dogs.  They'll eat that stuff up, good drums, funny vocals, whatever.  Ok, not gonna happen but it would be funny to imagine.

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