Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dead Rising, Mario Party, And SimCity!!!!

I'm going to do a little trailblazing here and talk about other games, but just briefly so if you don't like it just drop the computer in a bathtub full of water and then you won't have to see this page anymore.

Dead Rising 2:

The map revealed!  I think it looks like a lot of fun.  Kind of like the original's with the mall and a bunch of big rooms connected to each other so there's no city with the roads and cars and stuff.


The funny thing is I'm not that big into killing zombies.  The first game I started to get into it because I was like "Oh wow, what a big mall, so much fancy architecture and stuff," then I eventually played it until I got 960/1000 (had to return the game to the rental store and didn't want to try 5/7 Day Survivor).  So this time you get to play as Dirtbike Dan and bust out some sweet X-Games action tricks:




 Man, I love crazy stuff like this!  Dirt bike riding in casinos!  Terrorist attacks in convention centers with MLG Gaming setups!  Police chases through malls!  Damn, they wouldn't let me embed this video but I'll post it anyway:


Now we need fighting games on moving rollers coasters! There may be something like this already but I don't know.

Mario Party 2:

Holy Crap, I Love Mario Party, especially numero dos.  Too bad many of the new ones suck.  I did some research on Day at the Races to see which is the best character!  I did a lot of number cruching too so check it out.  In a nutshell, it's Boo > Bob-Omb > Whomp > Thwomp.

Go down to Post 10 in this topic cause I ain't gonna copy and paste this:


This is just for show

SimCity 3000:

Wow, I just got back into this and it's quite riveting.  I like all the SimCities, but it's too bad that Maxis stopped making these games.  The last good one was SimCity 4 and that was plagued with bugs and performance issues (though you can download an assload of patches to fix it).

Anyway, the fun story is I got a city with 300K people and the UFOs come down.  They suck up random buildings and they seem pathetic, but they sucked up my Nuclear Power Plants and created a meltdown which contamintaed one-eighth of my city with radiation!  City's going good even though my sims don't mind living a mile away from their own Chernobyl.  LOLOLOL, next time, use Microwave/Fusion power.  Next time those aliens show up I'm gonna waste 'em with my Stinger missiles and my Uzi!!

Super-Terrific Happy Bonus:

Hey, wasn't expecting a little lagniappe weren't you?  Well I was watching the Top Gear show on the BBC and these guys were racing around in airport utility vehicles!  This has to be one of the greatest things ever made, you gotta watch this!!!! :


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