Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why NASCAR Is So Popular...And How To Improve Nationwide Series

I was watching some NASCAR race and I got to thinking why this is such a popular sport.  It's been said this is "the fastest growing sport in America," yet you got all these knuckleheads on the Internet talking down, saying it's just for rednecks, etc.  But wait--who said that being a redneck is a bad thing?  At least they go out there and work with their hands while you nerds sit around complaining about your little FPSes and World of Warcraft characters and stuff (I'm pathetic but not because of WoW and stuff).  But here's the three reasons why I think NASCAR is popular (and no, I'm not including the WRECKS):

1. Immense speed, close races.  When watching a Formula 1 race, it is not uncommon to see guys get far ahead and win by a mile.  It still happens in NASCAR, but it's generally top-speed, very close racing, lots of cars in the same place.  Remember, "rubbing is racing."  It's always exciting to see guys within inches of each other battle for position because the tracks are so wide open.

The world is flipping over!  I'm gonna be sick!

2. Drivers with character.  Now you might say, "Well, there's nothing wrong with these Formula 1 drivers, you're mislabeling them," and I don't know a whole lot about them either, but these "good old country boys" just driving their cars around, giving those race interviews, smiling for the camera, etc.  You got Dale Jr., Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Joey Logano, Kevin Harvick, whoever--just cool guys.  Unless they've broken the law or have had adulterous affairs, I don't know how you can hate them.

There's a reason they called him the "Intimidator."  Cause I'm feeling intimidated right now.

3. Cars look cool.  Don't get me wrong, it's nice how Formula 1 and Le Mans cars are designed, but with a stock car, it's an empty canvas.  Like the other cars are more pragmatic in nature, but with stock cars, they really catch your eye.  You got all these skittle-colored cars, different logos, sponsors, just a lot of room for imagination.  It's neat to watch all these cars drive around at once, buy Hot Wheels cars, etc.  Just cool to look at.

This is one of the best things ever made.

There's a reason I brought this up.  I know that today, there was a Nationwide Race at Montreal where Boris Said sneaks by Max Papis at the last second.  I've never knew about this Montreal track until now which is strange because you seldom see technical tracks besides Infineon and Watkins Glen.  Drivers not from the States tend to win these races cause they're more acquainted to this kind of racing...haha, real funny.   Said was a car length behind Papis and on the final turn, he just came in on the inside, Papis on the outside, Said got the edge and won by an inch.  Good race.  Check it out (speed up to 3:25 when it gets really good):

To me, and I guess this is how it works--you got Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series.  Sprint Cup is for the "pros," Nationwide Series is for the "noobs."  I don't know what's the real difference is because they race on most of the same tracks, but all I know is that Sprint Cup has more viewers.  Then you got the Craftsman Truck Series which I hardly see on, but it's about driving stock trucks...kind of cool, but as you know, I'm a car guy.

Want to know what would help Nationwide Series, despite the fact you got all these weird sponsors like "Furniture Row" or "Long John Silver's"?  How about using car colors colors other than black, white, red, and yellow?  Ya know, make the cars look a little less bland?  Like look at these examples:



Hey look!  Blue, but still it's "crap blue," might as well be black instead.

Anyway, I don't hate Nationwide Series cause racing is still racing...this is just my suggestion though.  Just because it's not Sprint Cup doesn't mean the cars have to look boring.  If the rules somehow prohibit this, then throw the book in the garbage and let these paint guys have more fun.  That's all I gotta say, so cya later.

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