Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Real Video Game Advertising Badasses

First, I mentioned Chicken McNuggets in a post yesterday--well, this lady attacks a McDonald's employee because she didn't get Nuggets at 6:30 AM...what a disgusting display, won't even bother embedding it.  Somehow, this is national news/AP worthy.  Oh well, if you want to be famous worldwide, just act like a real idiot.  See folks, I call the news before it even happens!  So read my blog more often and you will be on top of everything.


Anyway, let's talk about some great product spokesmen.  We need badasses like this--people who are battle-hardened, slick, confident, make your bones shake.  Considering how wobbly and pathetic the average gamer is, it is no wonder that everyone looks upon these kind of people in sheer awe.  We need more real men like this in gaming.

Sega Saturn had Segata Sanshiro, he starred in Japanese commercials only and was a Judo master who just destroyed stuff and told people to buy a Saturn.  This....is the best thing I've ever seen in my life.

Did that guy just explode?

Best Christmas ever!!

I had to edit this one in.  Too good to be drafted by lousy MLB teams!  *cue theme song*

Who would shoot a nuke at Sega HQ?  Freakin Nintendo or something, those bastards (Sony would launch its own nuke later in the form of the PS2).  Anyway, Segata Sanshiro saved Sega once...but he can't save us again...it's up to us now...

And now another more recent guy--Kevin Butler, PS3 VP of Inspiration and Perspiration.  Holy cow, Sony is genius.  We need more straight-shooters like this.  I'm serious, everyone else who speaks is either a nerd or incredibly confused.  He's neither of these!

Now I gotta buy a PS3.  Sony makes great hardware, there's no doubt about it.

You wish you were this charismatic.

Speaking of ModNation Racers, did you know you could create your own tracks?  I thought you could only make your own characters and cars, but TRACKS?  This is big IMO.  Check out this Royal Raceway from Mario Kart 64.  Not picture perfect but looks damn good, I'm surprised!  I love track/map customization.  If you have a PS3, you should give this one a look.  Yes, a mainstream racing game I don't hate, it be folks...

Will I ever stop embedding videos?  I CANNOT.


EDITEDITEDIT: This is super-old but there's also Reggie Fils-Aime, click here to read about him.  Sorry, pissed off Nintendo fans.

 "You suck and so does Sega."

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