Monday, August 9, 2010

I Don't Know What To Say (Don't Tread On Me)

Today wasn't that grand...I felt ill, slept a lot, couldn't do anything productive.  I woke up and should've gone to church, but I didn't feel like going anywhere.

Classes start on August 18th.  I'm not excited about it at all, but I'm not filled with dread either.  It's my last semester and I got all the crap programming classes out of the way so let's cross the finish line.

I watched part of the Watkins Glen race today but I couldn't get myself to watch it for long.  Seeing stock cars driving fast gets me down now.  Partially because of the Daytona USA 2 fallout I've been under for years.  Also because it makes me want to do something exciting because the most "fun" I've had over the last year or so was beating up on little kids on Perfect Dark on XBLA and watching them cry and call me a cheater.  I don't really have any social clout so the best I can do is leech on to my brothers' friends when they come over.

Ok, I know I sound pathetic but that doesn't mean I'm a fat slob who sits at home with his little WoW characters--I'm a much more well-to-do person than that.  I'm like Albert Einstein--everything I come up with flies over everyone's heads, but I put my drink down for a second and I forget where I left it.

Time for links!!!

You drive a remote-controlled car with a camera on an arcade cabinet.  I thought this was cool, basically a real-life racing game, but it reminded me of Yaris, which is the equivalent of covering a chocolate cake in salsa dip.  That's not going to work.

Split/Second is still getting some DLC which means it's still going...  I'm not going to comment on it much.  People are still complaining about the rubber-band AI, WAHHAHAHAAHAHA

At first, I got really pissed over this article, but now I'm certain this has to be fake.  If it isn't then who the hell takes a survey like this?  Also, what the hell is the point of rehashing every link that ends up on the Outrun Online Arcade board...maybe a non-GameFAQer is reading, thanks rjay for the link.

Probably satirical, but some people do look at us as crazy.  I find it offensive because I think being deemed metally ill is not good at all.  Well, I'm not the guy who plays DC games in and out, but I do agree with everything they stand for.  Frankly, the Dreamcast's creative lineup of refreshing games is really one of the last saving graces that this gaming generation has.  Are we retarded?  You know what, I don't even give a damn about that, but being "mentally ill" doesn't mean everything we believe is wrong--I KNOW that the games I stand for are the best.

Also, I like how we're supposed to move on--what, we can't like a game for more than five or ten years? Today, people like their little Halo and Starcraft games, so ten years from now, they have no choice but to have those games wrenched from their hands in favor of another expensive lineup of shiny new games.  Are people allowed to have convictions and appreciate games for a long time or should we just go with the flow like good little drones?  Besides, there are people that sit around playing old games from franchises like Mario, Zelda, and Final Fantasy so if we're the ones that are insane, then that's just plain GARBAGE.

Kiss my ass, Mr. Article Writer.  Also, nice job using the picture of the Superman kid, really shows how socially conscientious you are when it comes to the handicapped.  Take your frustration out on those little racist kids on XBL and PSN, that would be a much more noble endeavor.

I couldn't resist referring to this since this is what I am reminded of (I think this guy kicks ass although everyone just laughs):


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