Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fake Sonic The Hedgehog Mushroom Hill Video

This is semi-old news but still I'm gonna post it anyway since it has moved me enough recently.  WARNING:  This is not a fangame, this is just a video made in 3ds Max.

It's really gorgeous to look at.  This is made by a Sega FAN by the way.  Why is it that the fans do a better jobs than Sega themselves?  I know that there's gonna be a Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors or whatever--I really don't know how those games are going to turn out.  All I know is that the last couple of Sonic games...not really home runs if you know what I mean.

Either way, Sega, step it up!  We're dying here!  We're kicking and screaming for Sega goodness, but we don't get much in return...  I mean, it took a little studio called Sumo Digital to create a Sega racing game that had more Sega character and goodness in it than the rest of the games released in the last five years or so...  I mean, that's why I make this blog, the Daytona 2 Forza 3 cars, the e-mails to Sega, whatever!  You've also got guys emulating Model2 arcade games like Daytona USA and others to be played on the computer!?  What else do we need to do?  Take some pride in your organization!

And while we're at it, go to this Message Board Topic on model3's "Sega Racers Megamix" and go there, sound off, shout as loud as you can, cause I can't take it anymore.  Get the word out.

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