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Other Japanese Game Publishers

Okay, I'm looking at some of the GameFAQs polls of the day and they went through some Japanese companies, listed some game series for each, and asked which is your favorite.  Because we know Sega is out there as a big player until they took it in the chin after the DC and were basically neutered, it's kind of interesting to see what their rivals are up to...  Makes me feel bad for Sega, they are basically the laughing stock of Japan as far as I'm concerned.

DISCLAIMER: When I mention this game or that game and get mad, it doesn't mean that the games specifically suck or are bad or that I hate them and wish they didn't exist--they're all good in some way.  I'm just giving you my personal thoughts on the game, not necessarily commenting on the quality of the game unless I so feel like it.

Also, GameFAQs has a bias towards RPG/Adventure games which explains stuff like Zelda >>> Mario, etc.


Capcom: Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Megaman, THAT'S IT.  The definitive trifecta of horror, fighting, and platform-shooter games.  Surprisingly, RE and Megaman got over 25% each and SF got 13%.  But Capcom has other games like Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, Okami, Dead Rising, Breath of Fire, Phoenix Wright, holy crap, they make Sega look bad, really bad.  They don't have a definitive racing game--they had that Auto Modellista game which as far as I'm concerned is a joke so really.  Overall they are probably #2 behind Nintendo.  This whole 2-D Fighter genre is just too much for games like Tekken or even Virtua Fighter to compete with, sorry.

Konami: They have Metal Gear Solid and that should be all as far as I'm concerned.  Number one choice at 38%.  Oh they have Castlevania too which is 22%.  They also have Contra, DDR, and Silent Hill.  Oh yeah, it was also Konami that made the Enthusia PS2 racing game which was nearly up to par with Gran Turismo but hardly as popular.  I think Sega could take these hooligans but knowing Sega, they will putter across the finish line with four blown tires.  Next.

Namco-Bandai: Tales of Fill In The Blank is number one, 27%.  Okay, I just don't give a damn about stupid RPGs, just let it pass.  They made Pac-Man, another juggernaut, but since people have their heads up their asses, they don't care about it anymore--10%.  You also got Ridge Racer, the series that was most identical to Daytona USA and Sega, but they've kind of fizzled out despite getting numerous versions for recent consoles.  Sega is still #1 baby when it comes to racers.  Tekken and Soul Calibur are still legendary but once again, they aren't making headline news.  The most recent SC games are just getting obnoxious as far as I'm concerned.  Katamari Damacy, okay yeah, roll up stuff.  They also have Time Crisis which is one of the few arcade games left that I actually am interested in.  They also have Klonoa and Digimon for the kiddies.  No one cares anymore, right.  If there's a company that's most similar to Sega in terms of games and at falling asleep at the wheel, it's Namco so I sympathize with them a little.  Just a little.

Square-Enix: Final Fantasy (51%), Kingdom Hearts (18%), Chrono Trigger (15%).  Just walk away cause nothing else matters.  The less said about Square, the better, although that Einhander game was kind of cool.

Sega: Okay, here we go.  Root for the home team!!  The choice are...:

Panzer Dragoon -- 2.48%

Phantasy Star -- 12.08%

Shenmue -- 6.54%

Shining Force -- 7.14%

Sonic the Hedgehog -- 55.8%

The House of the Dead -- 6%

Total War -- 4.41%

Virtua Fighter -- 2.62%

Yakuza -- 2.92%

What kind of lousy-ass choices are these!?  Virtua Fighter--3%!?!?  Total War, Yakuza, WTF?  Shenmue has like two games and it gets at least 7%, wow how amazing.  I see a lack of Daytona USA but nothing could be more predictable.  That reminds me that Sega has always been one to spread the goodness around to many, many series, but still, looking at the choices we have...oh man, how weak.  Take this poll 10 years ago and you'd see something else.  But really, if it weren't for Sonic, Sega would be dead.  Oh man, this is sad.

Nintendo: Zelda THAT'S IT EVERYONE I JUST SUMMED UP NINTENDO.  Okay, if it takes just one good game to destroy the others, then how about SUPER MARIO, POKEMON, Kirby, Metroid, Star Fox, Animal Crossing, Smash Bros., F-Zero, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Wii Sports, I mean, just look at the lineup in Smash Bros Brawl.


I mean, look at Smash Bros. Brawl.  Sega and Konami were performing all sorts of favors (what kind, you use your imagination) just to get ONE of their characters in the game.  So there you go, Sonic and Solid Snake, yucking it up with Nintendo's cast of characters...

Did I mention that Nintendo has sold over 74 million Wiis and 132 million DSes worldwide as of June 2010?  Let that sink in for a moment.


Sega has no chance, they really don't.  At least we know that Nintendo just plain sucks at racing games cause every Mario Kart game they've released has been highly flawed with maybe the exception of the original SNES version (tiers, snaking, stupid sprite cardboard cutout characters, you name it).  And the latest F-Zero game?  Sounds great but that was SEGA that had a hand in making that game, did you know that?  Sega is still #1 in racing games, sorry, call me a homer, but that's how I see it.

Oops, forgot about the poll results...Zelda got 100% just leave it at that.

Oh yeah, there's one more game company I forgot to mention...let's get it over with.

Sony: Sony hasn't been one to make games but they have some damn good hardware.  The PS3 makes the Xbox 360 look like a baby's toy.  God of War run away with this at 33%, is there any surprise?  I mean, I know I'm going to seem like an ass, but what's the big deal with that game?  You play as some burly man with two swords, slashing the crap out of monsters and other stuff, you kill Greek gods and have rough sex with the goddesses.  Tons of gore, violence, and sex.  Am I missing something here, or does this game seem like a glaring embarassment of society in general?  You have Ratchet and Clank at 18%, Gran Turismo at 12%, and Twisted Metal at 10%.  Gran Turismo is one of the only good racing games left and frankly, I don't see anything else barring Mario Kart and MAYBE Burnout getting higher ratings.  SOCOM, Little Big Planet, yada yada yada, Sony's more of a hardware company and recently the PS3 is really picking up steam so look out Nintendo and Microsoft.


There's other companies though that the polls forgot to mention and two come to mind--Tecmo and SNK.  Tecmo made Monster Rancher/Farm which is one of my favorite series of all time but that's six feet under.  They've also made Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, Fatal Frame, and Tecmo Super Bowl which at least have some relevance today.  SNK made Metal Slug and a load of fighters such as King of Fighters.  They also made their own console, the Neo Geo, which bit the bullet just like the Dreamcast so at least we gotta give props where they're due.


Wow, this was really painful to go through.  Sega, what a lame pathetic company to be a fan of.  Nintendo, Capcom, and Square are laughing it up while Sega is out on the street begging for spare change.  I can't take this anymore--Dreamcast was Sega's Alamo, and they've lost it.  I got a headache, I'm gonna go do something else and go away for a while.  geez...

Oh yeah, and one more thing.  If you think I'm a Sega fanboy who's blowing hot air, hey, take a loookat all of the Sega video game franchises here, cause there's a lot:

No excuse for Sega to be dirt compared to everyone else.

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