Thursday, August 19, 2010

Obligatory American Football New Orleans Saints Post

Well, I might as well say that I'm a New Orleans Saints fan and that I'm glad they won the Superbowl last year.  I'm from Louisiana.   I'm not a bandwagoner--I've been a fan since I was 10 or so when I could actually understand football.
Drew Brees getting on the cover of Madden is surreal...he's a class act.  Sean Payton, the players, everyone fits in.  I like this team.  But yeah, if you're a fan of another team I really don't mind, please don't boycott me.  It's kind of strange that we're the "King of the Hill" now and we'll probably get taken down and that's sports.  We have almost no control over the outcome of the game so I've kind of burnt out on football.  I'll still watch because it's like chewing gum--it gives me something to contemplate about, I just don't want to get pissed off about it.

Last year's games:

Dolphins Week 7: It's nice to see the Saints rally back when down big.  Great teams don't always play 100% but they find ways to win.  I also got a man-crush on Reggie Bush after he did that leap into the endzone on the 6-yard line.

Patriots Week 12: This showed the NFL we were the real deal.  Getting Bill Belichick to say you're one hell of a team means a thousand times more than some stupid talking heads' opinions on EPSN.

Redskins Week 13: Despite that Brees INT that Meachem took back from the CB, we sucked.  Slipping and sliding all over that soupy field all day.  I got pissed off thinking we were gonna blow our 11-win streak.  Turned off the TV, played some Modern Warfare 2, looked at stuff on the internet, then I see some thing on the MSN website--Saints miracle comeback.  I turn on the game and the Saints kick the winning FG in overtime.  I don't even know how they did it, I'm such a bad fan for turning away.  I'm sorry, I still can't get over that strip, Meachem snatched the ball away like taking a woman's purse...or a marble rye.

Cowboys Week 15: First loss, you can't win that many games in a row especially with mounting injuries.

Vikings NFCCG: Women have child birth, men have sports games.  This had to be the most painful game I've ever watched.  It was close, got some fumbles (DC Gregg Williams emphasized the turnovers), our offense stalled somewhat, had to get a few breaks but tell me what sports team doesn't.  When Favre was moving into FG range at the end, yeah I was sick.  But that pick was a result of Favre not wanting to get hit again.  Surreal moment at the end

And check out Paul Allen's response to the Favre INT.

Colts Superbowl: Well, you know how this one turned out.  The media gave us a 1% chance to win basically and we showed them.  LOL onside kick at the half and it worked.  Peyton Manning said he wanted to throw the game-winning TD in the Superbowl someday.  Well he did...for the other team.

After the SB, we were excited as you can see...  Somehow my brother got the bright idea to go to Academy Sports to go buy a Saints T-shirt...well, everyone else thought the same thing too.  Traffic jams all over the place, people honking their horns, cheering, blasting music.  Saints parades, gear, throwing beads, etc.  The crowd was good-natured, no riots or anything.  And this was in Slidell which is some regular Joe town, wonder what New Orleans was like.  Now that was crazy.  After 40+ years of losing the Saints did it.  I really didn't think they could do it but they did.  I was very happy for everyone, they really enjoyed it (at the expense of Cardinals, Vikings, and Colts fans...but what can you do).

A lot of people couldn't find any good reasons to attack the Saints so they attack our fanbase and call us bandwagoners...well, the Superdome is loud as all hell on gameday, we have crazy fans, we loved to watch the Saints after hurricane Katrina.  Yeah, you're going to see more Saints gear when they win but that's natural of course.  Besides, the Saints are a classy team anyway (except for the late hits on Favre but haters gonna hate)--the Who Dat Nation--so shove it.

The SB wasn't that good for me because it was on a Sunday.  I had Calculus III on Monday and Wednesday.  Wednesday was a test and Monday was the review day.  I missed Monday (not because I was getting drunk, I'm sober) and it didn't help me that much on Wednesday.  So thanks Saints, you screwed me out of an A-test grade.

So, uh, it's really hard for a team to have back-to-back SB's.  The Patriots and the Cowboys did--you can't say the Saints can't do it.  But they may lose.  If they win or lose I'm not going to rub it in.  It's too emotionally stressful and I can't really take watching season after season when, like I said, I really don't have any control over the outcome.  Just hope for the best and remember to have fun, that's about it.  Remember that sports fans, even our "futbol" fans from Europe and ESPECIALLY LA Lakers fans.  Don't get raged, trample people, riot, burn cars and buildings, it's just not worth it.  Find something else to do.

 For everybody, I guess this whole "take it easy" thing when it comes to sports will suddenly vanish when gametime comes.  It's a never ending cycle.  I tried.  Besides, I get more pissed when I lose at Perfect Dark or Call of Duty anyway so sports are a joke as far as I'm concerned.

BTW SUPER DELUXE BONUS, Jim Mora Saints rant (during Dome Patrol era), he's the king of being being mad without going overboard, tons of rants like this, beautiful, my favorite clip:

See more Jim Mora clips here.

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