Friday, August 20, 2010

Guess What The Cat Brought In...

My younger brother jumps from thing to That's So Raven to Indiana Jones to Legend of Zelda to Super Smash Bros...well he bought this N64 game he always wanted to play and guess what it is...:

EDIT: Okay, so I actually saw some footage in action.  I didn't play it though, I just watched.  The framerate looks damn fast, there's 30 vehicles on the course, and you can slip and slide.  Okay, sounds like a good diversion.  I didn't like two things though.  First, there's NO detail around the courses whatsoever, no buildings, mountains, anything.  I can tell Nintendo was trying to keep the game running as fluidly as possible, but the game makes me a bit depressed to watch.  Second, the announcer and robot voices are annoying, unintelligible, and should be replaced.  That's about it.  I'm not gonna taze this game, bro.

If you need additional reading material (cause I ain't gonna rant on this any more...not that I hate it or anything) click on this thing.

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  1. on the N64, Fzero X is impressive. As you know, FzeroGX for Gamecube by Sega Toshihiro Nagoshi/AmusementVision is crazy insanely awesome!! It has elements of a futuristic Daytona USA 3/ Scudrace 2 in it, game dna that could only come from Nagoshi himself. = ) It features a text decal editor and you can paint any texture you want on your hover cars! There is a 3 piece hover car builder, but not that good.