Thursday, August 19, 2010

Uh, More Cruis'n World? Also GT5

Yeah, first and foremost, if you haven't read the Midway article I posted days ago, check it out even to see the new Kenya video of cars maiming animals...if I haven't changed your outlook on Midway or the Cruis'n series, this will.

Because I'm entertained by crap, I found this unique Cruis'n World beta dev interview...ah yes, there is Mr. Jarvis himself.

I don't even get the first 90 seconds of this, like this French dude can't even touch the Most Interesting Man in the World (oucwutididthar).  Right away, you see the Devastator (silver car) from Cruis'n USA which sucks that they took it out (who cares anyway).  I had no idea that they went out to different places to take pictures.  Upping the framerate was a good idea, the sense of speed in this game isn't too bad.  Then the art guy at 5 min says that he wanted to make "fun" tracks.  I agree, we need more interesting tracks in video games, but gimme OutRun 2 tracks if I want to "cruise the world" or some crap like that.

Also what's this about taking gamer suggestions?  Adding all the things you've wanted to do in a racing game?  How about going over 200 mph, using the brakes, making the gameplay more rewarding, shooting bazookas from the headlights, oh hell you know already, I'm just sipping the Hatorade...

I don't always play racing games....but when I do, I prefer SEGA!

Also, if this game couldn't get any damn weirder, check out the ending (speed up to 1:50, btw this is the arcade version on MAME).  Oh Bill Clinton, geez, Midway is obsessed with the man.  He was in Cruis'n USA and NBA Jam too.  And that "We're cruis'n now," line was pretty tight.

This is the part of the entry where I have to put some stupid "I really don't hate this game and I'm not a Sega fanboy" disclaimer but you get the idea.  Really.


Yeah, and I might as well squeeze this in here.  Gran Turismo 5 will have up to 16 cars on track, maybe more.  Get your notepads out Turn 10, that's eight more than you have.  Ok, maybe you already knew that but that's just in case.  Also, here's this B-Spec mode that's not like the other one (set speed to 3x, AI to push, you win).  Instead, you play the pit chief  and can tell the driver what to do.  You "train" him not to screw up by keeping his Physical and Mental meters up.  If he loses control of his feelings, he'll lose the tactical advantage or worse, spin out, so it's a long, drawn-out process to make your own little Michael Schumaker out of 0's and 1's.  Tell him "Try to go easy on the car," and "You can take him," and he'll get the picture quickly.  Oh, and some of these cars are looking damn sexy, I hope this game turns out OK.

I hate Kotaku but I have no where else good to get comprehensive news?  And don't say G4, oh God no.


  1. Yeah... those first 90 seconds of that YouTube video are all out there. I blogged on Cruis'n USA and Cruis'n World, and both games are still fun to play in the arcades even a decade and change later. As for Gran Turismo 5, more surprises and more details. Totally surprised about all the details expressed from GamesCom 2010. If you want better coverage of (especially) the Gran Turismo series, you're always welcome to visit All news on Gran Turismo with no fanboyism. :) (John's Blog Space)

  2. Yeah, thanks for the post, bro. I kind of agree with that article where you said Cruis'n USA and World were the best in the series and that Exotica was where it took a big dropoff. That and FnF games, not my cup of tea... I've always grilled the Cruis'n games though though they have their good points. Can't wait for GT5 or even Forza 4, though I assume the latter will come out much later.