Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Virtua Racing/Fighter With Commentary (Not By Me)

I'm gonna post this too because I just thought of it and you guys have to see this.

There's this guy I used to follow on YouTube called Howard Cneal (or Kolibiri).  He has is a load of game roms for all kinds of systems and he plays each one for three minutes while talking about it from a reviewer's standpoint.  His dry humor, unbridled enthusiasm, and stream of consciousness style makes this so great.  Sometimes he'll review a Japanese RPG that he can't even get started with before he calls it crap and gives it a "1 out of 10."

Sega 32X Virtua Racing:

Sega 32X Virtua Fighter:

EDIT: Other good Howard Cneals (if you are remotely interested):

Space Harrier
Knuckles Chaotix
Thomas the Tank Engine (classic!!)
Wayne's World
Theme Park
Top Gear 2
Donkey Kong Jr. Math
Toy Story
15 Puzzles
Ken's Labyrinth
Tecmo Super Baseball
World Series Baseball '95
NFL Quarterback Club '95
NBA Jam Championship Edition
RBI Baseball '95
Return to Zork
Inspector Gadget
James Bond Jr.

I know not everyone is gonna like this but w/e.

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