Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blog's One-Year Anniversary

AW HELL YES, LET'S GET JUMPY IN HERE.  Now that baby's smokin a cigarette...that boy ain't right.

Hey, check it out.  I got a space walk for the party.  Now we can really jump!

Actually, I am really tired right now (which explains the lame jump joke I just made) so I'll make this quick.  I made my first blog post a year ago.  What happened was GameFAQs put the brakes on my "blog" on the Daytona USA 2: Power Edition board which in fact is a blessing since this blog is a much better means of communicating my thoughts.  GameFAQs still sucks though.

I didn't expect to post on this blog so much.  Just trying to get my thoughts out there to the public.  To show that there's still someone that's enthusiastic about games like Daytona USA and OutRun.

I try to make my previous posts as coherent and relevant as possible in the future by not talking about stupid news stories.  Like for instance, I said "oh lookie here, it's the Dead Rising 2 map" or "Rock Band finally got Bed Intruder as DLC."  I do add insight to most things I post anyway.  Hey, I'm tryin, I guess.  I do have good old posts like this and this.  You live and learn I guess (HANGIN' ON THE EDGE OF TOMORROW...).

"Great minds talk about Ideas. Mediocre minds talk about Events. Weak minds talk about People." - Eleanor Roosevelt.

Anyway, I'm just some guy with some free time.  Like I said, everyone has a story to tell and this is just mine.  You may not agree with me on most things but I still appreciate readers anyway.

Anyway, thank God, thank Jesus, thank my friends and family, thank Sega, thank Blogspot, so good night...


  1. COngrats on your blog! Mine is since 2010. = )
    If you remember when Gamefaqs kicked you, I gave you the suggestion to make a blog, so you're welcome!! ; )

  2. you have some great posts, and i try to read the blog every week!

  3. Thanks a lot!! Yes, that's right. I saw your blogspot and decided to make my own. Great move, blogs are awesome...

  4. amen! the games industry and media/PR today, its so blah and commercial. There are a few decent outlets, but I feel you and I need to broadcast the Sega message!! = )

  5. Keep promoting Sega, people...