Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Skills Are Gone: I Suck At Call Of Duty

EDIT: I'm sorry that people had to sit through the initial draft of this post; I have to go back and temper it a bit since you're not here to hear me complain...

Worthy of being posted a million times.

Have you ever been really good at something then woke up and found out you are no good at it anymore?  Like the aliens from Space Jam that steal the talent from the NBA players?  Like the kid from Rookie of the Year who (SPOILER) loses his pitching ability in that final game?

Anyway, I just got off a lengthy session of Cock-o Doody: Black Ops and this has to be one of my worst performances to date.  Just plain terrible against average competition.  And I almost deserve this for being a sucker who's grown addicted to this Call of Duty crap that many gamers dread...and is probably killing the game industry too.

I'm not going to sugar-coat this part so I'm gonna beat up myself.  And this isn't to get pity or anything, this is just me.  I hate this crap.  I'm mediocre at this game.  I always manage to do some dumbass stuff and get killed a lot; like I'll throw a flashbang or climb a wall when someone will just run in and kill me.  My aim sucks at the most inopportune time.  Attempts at changing up tactics in between games yielded similar results every time.  And I could fall back on the "I was lagging" alibi, but my ping was mostly 4-bars the entire night.  I really ruined my stats on the L96 too, my accuracy and KDR with that gun took a severe dip.

And another thing that rubs salt on the wound is seeing these guys with Nintendo stuff like Zelda or Pokemon come in here and beast it up while Sega sucks.  I'm totally embarrassed and ashamed to associate myself with Sega back there.  I can't kick my own ass enough.

I've been playing Call of Duty (and FPSes in general) for years...about half of my life (12 of 23 years).  And I have never "broken through."  It's a struggle to even stay consistent.  What, am I just genetically not good enough at this?  I pretty much have to play at 2 sensitivity now to hit anything (was at 3 before).  I mean, really, what's the point of playing a game that you never get better at?

Then get this--I'll probably hop on Black Ops again tomorrow (it's inevitable, sorry) and I'll start magically playing good again.  Because that's what happens with this game--you play until you suck, you get mad and make a spectacle of yourself, then you suddenly start doing good and say "Oh, I'm not mad anymore."

Anyway, that's just me getting pissed and letting off some steam.  I'm not mad at anyone but myself.  I need to get to sleep, that would certainly help.  I also need to find new hobbies.  At least I'll always have Rock Band Pro Keys which I'm doing quite well at recently.  There's more important things to life anyway.  Bye...


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