Sunday, July 3, 2011

New House

Friday night was my last night in my old house.  I blew it all out by hooking up the Xbox 360 to the big screen TV so I can play Rock Band 3 and OutRun 2!!  Awesome, I had fun (by myself that is)...

So I've just moved to my new room.  It's an offshoot of the main house.  I really don't feel comfortable yet, but I get my own private bathroom!  My family seems to be happy with this.  I really don't have much to say at the moment.  Moving is like dropping a cell in a hypotonic loses its equilibrium and just explodes.

I like to document things with my digital camera.  One of the things I did was take pictures of everything in the old house--both inside and out.  I remembered that back when we built this house, my family carved the date the house was built in the concrete.  Check it out:

So the house is really 14 years old.  That's just shocking to think about.  I remember back when this house was in the "middle of nowhere" and we rode dirt bikes and four-wheelers around the house...  We went swimming in an above-ground pool and made those whirlpools by everyone walking in the same direction...  I also remember my 18th Birthday when I had lots of friends come over and we played video games and hung out...  It's also the house that survived Hurricane Katrina...we were all huddled in, mud surrounded the house, the generator was on and I spent the nights playing Pokemon Stadium and Mario Party (if you can believe it)...

I also remember that day, February 1, 2005, when I discovered that Daytona USA 2 was no longer at the mall arcade so I rode home depressed then stood on the driveway in the rain in shame...


I won't let this stop with my Sega pimpage.  We'll chill out then move to Florida then we'll get a job at Sega and save video games as we know it!!!

I'm also pretty proud of myself since on Rock Band 3, I recently FCed Break on Through and 5-starred Llama on Expert Pro Keys.  I only have two songs left to 5-star X-Pro Keys--Antibodies and Roundabout.  Sweet, I'm getting better at this.

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