Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Burnout Is Making Me Giddy

Giddy as in watching a 30-car highway pile-up (from the perspective of a Burnout junkie).  Hey, Criterion sure loves disasters and mayhem now, do they?  So why not smash their own franchise to bits?  And blow itself up multiple times while it's at it leaving tons of devastated onlookers (aka, fans of the series) in shock?

The game's premise: an overhead view where you drive around town running into traffic.  You ram into and self-destruct (over and over again it seems) to blow up cars to make money.  It utilizes the Kinect so you can steer and jump around like an idiot.

Looks like Burnout has been......taken down.


Split/Second studio goes downRidge Racer goes Burnout-ish and everyone hates itNeed for Speed goes movie-ish and everyone hates that tooEDIT: Motorstorm: Apocalypse comes out on the brink of the Japanese earthquake and offends everybody.  Now Burnout is getting lame-o XBLA Kinect games and everyone REALLY hates it.  As of now, that Burnout vid has 53 likes and 1032 dislikes.  Really, what the hell is going on with racing games???  What a disaster.  You don't like Sega racers, this is what you get...



  1. Hi Eric, just to let you I'm still alive! I have two Burnout games: Burnout 1 and Burnout Revenge. Only played Burnout Revenge once and didn't really understand what was going on so I'll guess I'll have spend some more time with both.

    It seems the former Segaworld arcade in London (now Funland) has been closed down! Some sort of dispute between the landlord and owner has culminated in the landlord cutting the power off. Personally I think the landlord wanted them out as a new hotel is being built on the top floor and more money can now be made from a big restaurant/bar/boutique. While the arcade is not local it will be more difficult to play the latest Sega coin-op racers.

    Speaking of Sega, Sega Amusements USA and Sega Amusements Europe are teaming up to form a new venture called Play It Inc.

    I also read that Sega are re-opening their racing division...

    Do you think this will mean more console to arcade conversions?

  2. Woah, hey, what's up rjay. I don't know much about the Gameworks situation but that really sucks. I cry when an arcade closes down. Anything that shakes up the current state of Sega can't be bad. Let me think more about those later...

  3. I think this is the arcade you're talking about: