Monday, July 11, 2011

Daytona USA Ebay "Swag"

Oh man, the best thing to owning to the actual Daytona game would be the following wonderful items I've seen on eBay!

An LCD game.  Don't know what an LCD game is?  Click here.  I would love to hear this one-bit (or whatever) rendition of Rolling Start...

The Tiger R-Zone was a portable console that you wore on your head and looked into like a Metal Gear/Splinter Cell device.  It was similar to the Virtual Boy which means it probably sucked big-time.

A stand-up Daytona USA cabinet...I just cannot fathom playing an arcade racer standing up.   Well, these kind of cabinets are much cheaper than the sit-down ones (around $800 for a stand-up and $2000 for sit-down per player).
This is a limited-edition Daytona USA cabinet.  I don't know much about it--I downloaded this pic off of eBay a long time ago.  Don't expect to find many of these bleached white cabinets around any time soon...

A Daytona USA marquee, buy it on eBay somewhere.  These are pretty expensive though--I saw one go for $150.  Would be great for show.

A Daytona USA operator's manual, all right!!!

A Daytona USA guide book.  It's for the Saturn version, not the superior Arcade version.  Well, I can't imagine it sharing anything new since there's tons of Daytona 1-related media on the web, but it's another good thing for collectors.  If I find this book for cheap, I'll take a look at it.

I think this is an arcade guide book with a soundtrack CD attached.  Once again, I know very little about it...

A poster.

The Daytona USA 15th Anniversary Box.  This is a four-disc collection of every song from every Daytona game...Daytona 1, 2, Dreamcast, etc.  No Scud Race or Virtua Racing which is odd since they very well have much to do with the original Daytona as does Daytona 2.  It's redundant for sure since it has multiple versions of Let's Go Away (the Rolling Start song).  Take a look here at the tracklist.  Wait, so there's songs called "Bitchin'" ?  Click here to download it.  It's just a ten-second clip that goes "Daytonaaa," I don't know what's so bitchin about that...

Or (it sounds cruel to say this) you can go to Galbadia Hotel to look up some game soundtracks...I don't recommend you download the whole thing since you're doing Daytona USA a great disservice...

If there's anything cool I forgot, let me know about it.


  1. I've played standup Sega Rally, Daytona USA, and Crusin' USA (ugh) and they're all godawful. Standup daytona cabinets CAN be cheaper in some cases, but it's not worth it when it's fairly common to see twin cabs for around $600 at an arcade auction or privately sold.

    Protip: if you want a Daytona USA 2, Outrun 2, Scud Race, or Initial D 3 machine on the cheap, pick up another less popular Sega racer with the same Sega Universal Racing cabinet (like Emergency Call Ambulance) and convert it. For some reason, nobody wants Emergency Call Ambulance so you can pick one up for around $200-400 and pop the new artwork and hardware in.

  2. Wow, that's a good idea. I never thought to look for the Ambulance game. Then get the pieces to convert it.

    I didn't know sit-down arcade cabinets dropped to the $600. Since Sega's not making any more games, I figured they would be somewhat valuable...

    Thanks, Mr. Anonymous!