Friday, July 1, 2011

Time To Move Out

My family has begun moving from the old to the new house.  A mass exodus is occurring as all the stuff here is disappearing, leaving vacant room with traces of dust where sofas and cabinets use to be.  I was sleeping during the day as everyone hauled this stuff out from under my nose.

My room is the only thing intact now.  I've been huddled in here with all of my stuff for the past few days.  I guess at some point my parents will tell me, "It's time to go" and then I'll have to haul every single thing out of it.

They're about to take the wireless router out of the house so I can't use the Internet here--well that sucks.  If they can't get me to move right away, just take away all the important things until I cave in.

The new house is bigger but it's not the house I've been living in for the last twelve years so it's kind of weird for me.  Well, my parents love this new house and they're getting older so I'll move if it makes them happy.

It really doesn't matter anyway since in a month, I'm moving out to Florida to go to gaming school...  This feels like a roller coaster get to the top of the hill (I'm scared of heights BTW), you hear the "clunk," you know you're about to take a dive so let's get ready for it...

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