Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mega Props/Shoutouts To Everyone

Hey! It's our good Sega friends out there!  Since it's nearing my one-year blogspot anniversary and I'm in a good mood right now so let's give credit where credit's due.  Crap, at the time I posted this, I realized John Marine did something identical to this (I was oblivious to it at the moment, I didn't intend to copy) but this isn't just about blogs, it's more than that so it's not 100% the same.

* Check this blog I recently discovered: Shenmue Stare.  Lots of haikus about Shenmue 3 and Yu Suzuki ...he's been around for a long time so don't give up the fight, we're with you buddy.

* Also we have John Marine's blog where he occasionally talks about racing games, like this Daytona 2 post where he gives me a shout-out so I give you a shout-out back, man.

* My friend "Model3" (not the arcade board, an actual Internet user) who has a blog and has been talking about Sega racers for years...

* Rjay's always been around doing investigative reporting for years now and he's smoking these Sega racing games, check this out:

* The rest of the crew over at the OutRun Online Arcade GFAQs message board who have been around for ages and love Sega like I do...

* The guys over at Rolling Start!!! who post news about Sega racers (as well as other good racing games too).

* And other fan sites like SEGAbits who post tons of Sega-related news.

* The late great UK Resistance for its caustic humor and good vibes.  My favorite posts from them.

* Also I gotta mention Dave's, Alex's, and Blog Squirrel's blogs where they show enthusiasm for Sega racers too.

* And the infamous Bart Trzynadlowski for his selfless labor on that up-and-coming model3 emulator!

* And all the guys who contributed Daytona 2 videos to my YouTube playlist!

* Oh, and the D-Univ Universe, a fan project in which they attempt to recreate every Daytona car (in Nascar Racing 2003) for great justice so props to those guys working hard over there.

* Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) in Orlando, FL which will be my launching pad into Sega greatness!!!

* Toshihiro Nagoshi and all those silly racing games like Burnout & Fast 'n Furious which give me something to point and laugh at in my spare time!

* The guy in the fursuit who was seen playing Daytona USA 2, rofl.

* And this kid who got stuck in the crane that was next to a Daytona USA cabinet so more Sega racing exposure which is always good!

Also would like to thank Sega for making the games we like so much, duh.  ESPECIALLY Makoto Osaki, the behind-the-scenes man at Sega who didn't get enough credit...

And last but not least, thanks to readers like you.  Hope I didn't forget anybody, I apologize if I did.