Friday, July 8, 2011

Skittles Racing Java Application!!!

Ah, so is still useful for something these days.

This was the beta version of something I made years ago in Java.

And now here's the 1.0 version, FIRST TIME RELEASE!!! Hit the break (also first time for this blog) to see it since it can lag your computer...

EDIT: One more tip, click on one of the blanks then press tab to move from blank to blank to change numbers very quickly without having to click on all of them...

Took me a while to figure out how to embed this. Fun to screw with for a minute I suppose. If your screen resolution is too small, sorry about that. I could add more features but not unless there is popular demand.

EDIT: This may lag if you have multiple programs running at once.

If you want to embed this in your site, just copy & paste this code, taking out the *'s (change the height and width to what you want):
<*applet* align="center" code="CMPS28010.class" codebase="" height="600" width="800"> <*/applet*>

EDIT Again: If you want the source code for this app, download it here.


  1. i cant access the source code, can u send to me pls. my email is

  2. plzz send me source code

  3. hi, can you please send me the code?