Sunday, July 24, 2011

Still Got It, Eric, Still Got It...

Damn, been playing Black Ops again because I'm trying to hurry towards Level 50 15th Prestige...I mean, why not?  I'm that close.  I'm 14th Prestige, Level 31 and I've been cruisin good to get my skills back man.  And no, I'm not doing this just in time for MW3, I have no plans unless some convo pops up like this:

ME: "I'm not playing MW3, I'm just fine with Black Ops."

GUY: "But in MW3, with the Bling Perk you can put as many attachments on your gun you want INCLUDING laser sights PLUS you can customize your character and have him wear shades!"

ME: "WHAT YOU SAY THERE???"  Interchangeable Holo/ACOG/infrared sight, silencer, noob tube, laser sight, heartbeat sensor, full metal jacket, dual/extended mags combo... *head explodes*

GUY: We're also bringing back Stopping Power!

ME: AW HELL NAW.........!!!!!! *hopes dashed*

But really, I gotta draw the line on Black Ops since all the noobs and annoying commentators will ship off to MW3, leaving BO for us diehards...for us, Happy Hour is the hour after everyone from Happy Hour has left...

Anyway, about Black Ops, nothing like going on a Mac11 rampage (use Rapid Fire and IT OWNS) while listening to songs like this.

I'm using the AWP (aka the L96A1) because it's a tribute to Counter-Strike...we still remember out roots.  We love CS.  We also don't put red dot/reflex scopes on our M16s and AK-47s, that's trash.  The first few vids here are crap (I disabled the HUD) but after that it gets good (vids have to be under 30 seconds which sucks).

"You may need a hundred bullets to kill me, but all I need is one."

Probably gonna talk more about Black Ops strats later, I "suck" remember?  Why listen to me, lol.

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