Friday, July 22, 2011

Sega's Got A New Console, Baby (And More)

Yes, it's true.  Despite the FGNOnline rumors, you can get the new Sega console RIGHT NOW.  The Sega Sega.

Found just outside an everyday Wal-Mart supercenter.  Speaking of which, I would like to know who's waiting for the midnight release of Captain America...ESPECIALLY outside a Wal-Mart...

Oh, whatcha know Joe about 3D Pixel Racing?  From the only review I've seen so far, IGN gives it a 6.0, citing three problems: mandatory overly-sensitive motion controls, invisible walls, and lack of online play.  It's a very brief review and it's also IGN so screw the reviews, just play the game anyway.

Here's some more gameplay footage.  The audio (especially the voice-overs) are rather off-base.  You see that there's a couple of spots where normally you could cut a corner but the game wouldn't allow it.  Why they couldn't just lay down a barrier is beyond me (such as at 2:38).  About the controls, remember when everyone bickered about Days of Thunder when the controls had a slight learning curve?  You come up with your own conclusion.  It's a bit underwhelming looking at the full game but it's a small-budget game so I wasn't expecting much.

Also I did not know this at the time of my Segata Sanshiro post way back, but the man has a Saturn game based around him...nuts I tell you.  A collection of simplistic mini-games, can't go wrong with that.  Thanks Kotaku for having the bravado to mention the man as well as refer to this video game footage.

Also, the Goldeneye Wii remake that I chewed out many times in the past year is actually coming to Xbox 360 and PS3...ha, I might actually take a look.  Can't be that much worse than Call of Duty--I mean it IS supposed to be CoD but with a Bond theme.  There's all this Comic-Con crap this week which means more games will be leaked (despite the fact that this is a convention about COMICS, not video games).  Oops, there I go posting lousy news again!

Hey wait, a Goldeneye game without Pierce Brosnan?  Hold the phone--so let's put Daniel Craig in a game based on a movie he didn't appear in?  And get rid of the main actor of said movie game?  Like making an Indiana Jones game with Nick Cage instead of Harrison Ford (they were both in hokey action/thriller flicks so it counts).  Makes a whole lotta sense.  Congrats Captain Obvious for mentioning what everyone said six months ago.

But this funny picture makes up for it.


  1. I bought 3d pixel racing and i like it. (more than IGN's 6.0). It's a tribute to great games of Sega and Taito. Controls are perfect for a rally-stic game like that(near Sega rally) and punishments for cuts are right almost of 100% of time(sometime more, sometime less). Great Wii ware racing game.

  2. Really, that sounds cool. There seems to be mixed opinions of this, but I think these negative claims are exaggerated.

  3. Yes mixed, very hard to know why someone don't like it... and why others like it... maybe a
    matter of taste...