Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meet The Daytona USA 2 Soundtrack Crew

But first, I was listening to the song I Can Do It and I noticed something crazy about the lyrics!  These are the first lyrics of the song:

For split second
I give everything I got I know
I can do it

Holy s***...does this mean Sega was foreshadowing the Split/Second game?  No, that's garbage.


Now the people responsible for the Daytona USA 2 soundtrack!

Reb Beach: guitar for Battle on the Edge and I Can Do It.  He was the guitarist for 80's rock band Winger.  Awesome!!  Funny how it even mentions "Daytona USA 2" in his Wikipedia entry--great job Sega fans!!!

Rod Morgenstein: drummer.  He was also part of the band Winger.

Zev Katz: bassist.  Just some dude who performed for numerous bands...

Ira Siegel: guitarist for Slingshot and Skyscraper Sequence.  Same deal as Zev Katz, just doing his thing...

Albert Mendenez: keyboards for Slingshot and Skyscraper Sequence.  KEYBOARDS, YEAHHHH!!!

Sam Merendino: programmed the drums for Skyscraper Sequence...nothing else to my knowledge...  BTW, the drums in this song always seemed "robotic" to me.

Takenobu Mitsuyoshi: soundtrack producer, wrote words to and composed I Can Do It.  I think everyone knows this guy from Daytona USA 1.

Fumio Ito: Wrote lyrics and composed Battle on the Edge, Slingshot, and Skyscraper Sequence.  Also worked on many other Sega games.  This dude looks weird.

Ryoichi Hasegawa (the guy, not the girl): wrote lyrics for all four songs.  He doesn't work for Sega anymore...

Dennis St. James: VOCALIST.  He also did vocals for Burning Rangers.  Other than that, we know jack about this guy.  We don't even have a Google pic on hand...

Take a look at this from the Daytona 2 soundtrack book...Dennis is probably the guy with the cowboy hat and scarf (???) on the left side.  You also see other guys here like Rod Morgenstein and Ira Siegel.

This is where I got the credits info.  Nothing on the Tips to Win or Selector songs...well, they're instrumentals, maybe Sega was lazy (they even misspelled Rob's last name)...

If you know anything good that I don't about these guys, let me know.

Nothing else to say here, gentlemen.  Just letting you know I'm alive and well.

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