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Sega Rally Online Arcade Tips To Win

Keeping in tradition with the "shout-out" theme, Shenmue Stare put in a good word for me so thanks very much.  Not only that, but I found this Blue Skies Daily blog which actually linked to me (see the right pane) so let's throw that link up on my blog list.  Get a little 90's webring going here... for your feature presentation.

I feel that this thread is too late...WAY TOO LATE as Sega Rally Online Arcade came out over two months ago, but since the leaderboards were erased a few weeks ago (due to cheaters), now would be a better time than ever to post my tips for this game.  I'm looking at the Sega Rally Online Arcade GameFAQs board for what I and my friend F40 posted since I'm too lazy to retype anything.

* Use manual transmission. I go with the second controller config so that X and B shift. It's really not THAT hard and the speed bonus pays off.

* For Desert, Tropical, and Canyon, just hold the gas the whole way. Once you get to 6th gear, you shouldn't have to drop it any lower than 4th.

* If you want to slide, just shove the wheel one way. If you want to slow down a little, try shifting to 5th, then back to 6th. Try to hug the apex but don't touch the walls (duh).

* For the hairpins on Alpine, the first one I drop to 5th and let it sit, then on the second, drop it 4th and leave it. Then for most of the medium/90-degree turns, I do a little 6-5-wait-6 6-5-4-wait-5-6.

* Lakeside is a b**** but just use more 6-5-4-5-6's.  When you get to that hard hairpin on Lakeside, I shift to 3rd gear to drop my speed...

* Always try to drive on tire tracks on the road because you go faster through them.

* Oh, and I recommend using the first-person view (no hood). Yes, I like playing with the 3rd person chase views in other racing games, but here it doesn't help much.

* Just play all the tracks, especially Alpine and Lakeside, until you get used to it. All the cars handle pretty much the same. I'd prefer not to use the Dune Buggy or the McRae Racers because of their tall ride height which usually interferes with the POV...

* One more.  Sliding is good but if you slide too far, you'll start to "punch" the dirt (hear a chugging sound) and will lose a lot of speed.  So if you can take a turn with minimal sliding as opposed to heavy sliding, do it.


And I may be good, but F40 (yes, that's his username) is a Sega racing veteran...he's mastered OutRun 2 and participated in a contest that gives the driver with the fastest time a trip to the Ferrari museum in Modena, Italy.  Here's one of his pics, DO NOT DOUBT HIM.

Nice guy, so here's some good tips from this F40 guy:

If your suffering it is only your techniques of playing the game that let you down. (Much to learn).

* DO NOT run before you can walk. It's a waste of time using outside views until you master the game because outside view is HARDCORE and takes skill to push the cars as fast as bumper view.
Bumper view is the way to get into the game and get the best out of it as the cars will drive straighter leaving less room for mistakes. Only then can you enjoy outside view as you may look at it right now. Trust me I know...

* Fast starts. Hold the rev counter on the first RED bar, second one from max revs and hold the trigger at this very point as the car pulls away. As the car pulls away watch the rev counter drop and then bite, at this point press full gas and your away.

* Keep to the road tracks you and the AI have leave on the course as your car will accelerate quicker in these tracks/grooves than it will on a untouched surface.

* Always watch your speeds, unlike ALL racers Sega Rally 360 features different surfaces either side of the road meaning the shortest route may not be that fastest. One side could be softer while the other harder allowing for quicker acceleration on the harder stuff. Keep out of water where you can unless it really is quicker, one such corner of Safari 1 is quicker going wide left and keeping to the stones & mud as you take it then it is to swim through the puddles - and the game also shifts water from the puddles into the mud making these tracks/grooves even slower when you return. There is more to Sega Rally 360 than meets the eye.

* Learn how to force steer the cars at the right time. It may feel nice going around a corner, but unexpectedly the car may sway in the wrong direction, know these corners and when to force steer into them can save time. Practice makes perfect. You really have to look at what the car is doing all the time from speed to the road surface it's self.

* Hand brake turns. Normal Break & Steer into a corner, at that point while steering it let go of the normal break and then tap the ebrake for a split second. Once the car is coasting around the corner keep tapping the gas OFF & ON to maintain traction as you go around. Gassing OFF & ON is a good trick for maintaining traction on corners.

* A simple gas OFF can correct steering lines.

* Yes Sega Rally 360 features SIM related driving styles that are required with-in an arcade environment to get the best out of it.

* (Pertaining to Sega Rally Revo) Forget using Road Cars, the whole championship can be completed with Off Road Cars. In fact there are only 2 course that require Road tires & unless your on the ball one of these tracks will make no difference to you.

The 1st is Apline 3 - you can achieve faster times with Road Cars.
2nd is Alpine 1, unless your in the zone you will not see the difference between Off Road & Road tires.
So that leaves the rest of the game requiring Off Road cars.

* Practice makes perfect. You put the time and effort in and you will get the rewards for your work. You never learned to play OutRun over night so why should Sega Rally 360 be treated any different???

* One last tip: Let off the gas before going over jumps. You will find the cars do not jump as high and as soon as you land it will pick up speed quicker than a full gas jump and ALSO it allow full control of the car once landed to get around corners that are close to jumps.

* Full gas over jumps you may find you lack control over the car to do the things you want once it lands and it may even lead to crashes.

TLDR: One tip is that there's only five tracks in the game so practice them over and over again and figure out what works and what didn't.  Have fun and hope you enjoy Sega Rally Online Arcade!  Go buy this game if you haven't already.  $10 on Xbox 360 and PS3.

EDIT: One more thing.  If you need some tips on how to unlock the cars and get 200/200, read this topic (too lazy to elaborate in my words).

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