Monday, August 22, 2011

3D Entertainment MY ASS (Real Men Of Genius)

Here on this blog, we criticize anything new or cutting-edge, like motion controls or 3D games. Well it turns out Bud Light sees things from our point of view:

First commercial that made me ROFL in a long time.

Some more just for fun:


Today we salute you, Mr. Befuddled Sega Blogger Guy!

Mr. Really Really Befuddled Sega Blogger Guy!

You've sided with one of the lamest game designers out there. You've become numb to all the ridicule. You try to act cool but you're hurting on the inside.

Sega, where are my sequels?

You've longed for Sega's glory days in which they were a top console and arcade contender. But now, all you have to look forward to is poorly-delivered fan service and movie adaptations.

Why does this Sonic game suck???

Surrounded by the likeness of Nintendo, Activision, and Microsoft, you take refuge in those blue skies.

Sega does what Nintendon't!

So crack open your Dreamcast, Mr. Sega Guy, and settle in with that VMU controller.  Because you show more dedication to the game than all other fanbases can fathom.

Mr. Really Really Befuddled Sega Blogger Guy!

Lol, if this sucks, you write your own Real Men of Genius.

EDIT: I didn't write this to mock my good friends like Blue Skies, SegaShiro, UK Resistance, etc. Mostly mocking myself, lol.

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