Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trackmania And GTR Observations

I recently saw this footage for the new Trackmania game.  I've never played such a game before, but looking at the footage, it's really slick and look like fun.  I like the way the track is really packed in there with tons of highways, Rush-style quarter-pipes, and parking garages.  Yes, a next-gen racer I don't hate.

I notice two things about the trailer that I don't like.  One, there's not enough green--the name of the game is "Trackmania Canyon (Squared?)" which really sucks since it would be cool to run through other environments such as the jungle or tundra (well, that's what prequels are for).  The brownish tint gets to me after a while.  Second, the car rides way too smooth as if it's sort of glued to the track.  The ride doesn't feel rickety--it just feels like you're hovering over the pavement.

I did see this other game called GTR 2.  This is a 2006 PC game.  There was supposed to be a game like this on the Xbox 360, but it was canceled.  Anyway, just looking at the car interior is neat.  The car feels like it actually responds to physics--it bobs and shakes all over the place.  That's what makes a good racing game stand out from a great one.  Sega racing games do this...

Ride height, what's that?

Woah, check out the Daytona USA Trackmania cars.  And that's all I gotta say here.  It's brief but I don't feel like saying much.

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