Thursday, August 4, 2011

Black Ops 15th Prestige: Mission All Over!!!...

John 19:30
When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

15th Prestige--F*** Yea...  I went ahead and bought all pro perks, guns, and equipment.  I didn't buy all attachments, camos, etc. cause that would be ridiculous.  I'll buy whatever I want later.

Gee, there's so many people I'd like to thank.  I'd like to thank my brother for allowing me to borrow the game so long.  I'd like to thank Treyarch for making this terrible game.  And God/Jesus from keeping me from going bat-s*** insane at some parts.  Oh, and that Sonic toy my mom bought from the street fair.  I'm not superstitious (hell, I have a black cat as a pet) but eer since I put that thing next to the TV, it imbued me with good luck.

This is a bittersweet victory.  I feel good that I've finally "beaten" Black Ops.  I'm glad I got all the pro perks cause I'm sick and tired of looking like a stupid ass**** trying to do stupid tasks like "Throw back 5 frag nades" or "Destroy a sentry gun," chasing those things down like a doggy gets the ball, getting killed 100 times in the process.  The consolation prize--nothing.  I thought when you reach that 15-50 mark, you'd unlock some special lobby for all the cool kids to play in but no, that's not true.  It would be "nice" if those who made it this far would get something in a future CoD game but no, Activision & Bobby Kotick aren't that generous.

15 days & 22 hours (or 382 hours).  That doesn't include time sitting in the lobby.  And I sit there and think to myself, "What else could I have done with that time?"  In about a matter of five years, the Black Ops servers will be shut down forever and all trace of what I did here will be gone (except for what I save on this blog, YouTube, or my computer).  Oh, I like stats in my video games, but I kind of fell for the same thing I tried to stop--getting entangled in these stupid massive online games.

Then again, I never got any "stats" for my Counter-Strike or Goldeneye careers so it's not like this is "new" to me.  And am I really going to go back and look at stats for games I played before like TimeSplitters and Advance Wars?  Forget about it...

And to add insult to injury, I've worn myself out physically during the process.  Ruined my sleep patterns, worn out my eyes, upset my family with my outbursts, and everything else you can imagine.  I'm a piece of crap sellout loser--the one I told everyone NOT to be.

But really, what else could this time be put to?  If I had it my way, I'd probably make more Counter-Strike maps.  But then I would work hard on it, get in a creative rut, post the map up on GameBanana or wherever, and no one would play it.  So really, why should I care about the time I spent playing Black Ops?  Another good example would be the game reviews I wrote for GameFAQs--all 697 kb's worth.  Who cares?  No one (including me) is really interested anymore--I stopped writing them myself because they're pointless.

But there is some good out of this and that is I paraded around with that Sega logo for most of the duration of my career.  So a lot of people got to see that Sega logo.  I didn't get any "thumbs-up" for it, but consider it a small victory for our side.  I've seen Mario, Sonic, the Triforce from Zelda, Pokemon, Pedobear, a NES controller, Taco Bell logo, anime characters, "No Camping" pics, both male and female genitalia, bunnies having sex, horses having sex with gorillas, and all sorts of unmentionable crap but no Sega logo.  So that makes me unique I guess.

So will I keep playing Black Ops?  Maybe, but not as much.  I knew there would be at least one more map pack before MW3 comes out and guess what--it's entirely zombie maps.  The four old maps from World at War and a new map on the Moon (I presumed Area 51 but this is close enough).  I'll probably buy it because I'm a sucker but still--I'm getting pretty tired of these existing multiplayer maps already.  I need more than the 28 MP maps we have already.  You're stuck playing the same maps over and over and over's enough to drive you nuts.  We need custom maps dammit!!  Not only that, but I don't have any "friends" or a clan to play with so I have to play it by myself now.

Really, what I ought to do to savor the moment is to print out a "diploma" of my progress, saying "I'm Lv. 50: 15th Prestige b****," to hang up on my wall so I can feel proud of myself.  But I'm too lazy to do that right now.  Like I'm too lazy to do anything...

In two weeks, I'm moving out to Florida so my leisure time is running out.  I almost want to go and make a name for myself and not play the same old games...gotta save Sega and video games as we know it.  And to any of you from FIEA reading this, you better damn well not get in my way cause I'm not taking any crap from anyone anymore.

Just for the record, I DO NOT intend to play MW3--I'm finished.  Well, here's a cool picture of Kramer I just found so that's all I have to say here.

So when's that new TimeSplitters/Outrigger coming out anyway???


  1. do you have/played Sega's Outtrigger for DC? If not, you must get this game! I have it and have never stopped playing it since 2001!!

  2. I haven't played it but I wish I did. Looks like Quake with a Virtua Cop motif...I want to try that out. Hope for a DC port, we're due for more of those nowadays...