Monday, August 8, 2011

NEOgaf: Daytona Port & Who The Hell Is David Perry???

In my eternal quest to seek out as much Daytona USA/Sega-related material as possible, I ended up stumbling upon this recent Neogaf topic.  Now I don't post at Neogaf, I post at GameFAQs *groan* and maybe even the official Sega boards (which are up now so go post in topics like these ASAP!!!).

Anyway, this is the Neogaf topic: Why can't we have Sega Racing Classic (Daytona USA) on XBLA/PSN?  Good question.  I mean, I would set my sights a little higher (include Scud Race/Daytona 2/etc.) but a simple port?  It really doesn't seem THAT hard--the game's running on the Ringwide board which is high-tech stuff.  It would be a quick port for an old game that wouldn't be too hard to get up-and-running, would it? 

My only plausible theory is that Sega lost the source code for Daytona USA (oh no) and has only been able to implement minute changes like you see in Sega Racing Classic and in Daytona USA Turbo (a third-party hack BTW).  Maybe they could still work around it, but it would be difficult to hook up such a game with XBL/PSN (I think, I'm not sitting here with all the source code and whatnot).  So in theory, I'd wager a guess that we're more likely to get a port of the Daytona USA 2001 (Dreamcast) with reworked trademarks than we are to get the original Daytona USA/Sega Racing Classic.  EDIT: Consider that Daytona 2001 has better graphics so presumably they'll pick that one over the original 1994 version.  But the odds of both are very slim at this moment--wait for signs of life from Sega first before you get excited.

Or we can just play the "Sega sucks" card (which is always fun BTW) and bash Sega even more than we do now.  Makes sense, right.  That's the approach the NEOgaf thread takes--all 32 or so posts of it.  I'd also like to thank my friend twinturbo/ferrarimanf355 for posting the link to my Daytona 2 Forza 3 cars video for them to see.  But the rest of the topics are generic in nature--oh, why didn't Sega do this or do that, etc.

There are three posts I guess are worthy of being mentioned:

Ditto for the original Sega Rally. That Sega has completely failed to monetise the two biggest arcade games ever in the home markets apart from terrible old Dreamcast ports speaks volumes about the company.

That's quite true.  I think there's still a decent market for Daytona USA/Sega Rally players since the game was so popular and is still hanging around.  How hard would it be for Sega to "throw them a bone?"  People will pay attention.

Originally Posted by FunnyBunny:
I dream of arcade-perfect ports of Virtua Racing, Daytona, Daytona 2, Sega Rally, Sega Rally 2, Scud Race/Super GT... all on one disc for $40.

You and 500,000 people requested the same thing. It will never happen because it makes sense.

I don't think half-a-million people personally requested a new Daytona but like I said, if Sega throws the game out there (particularly a very small low-risk port of an already popular game), how can they lose?

Originally Posted by sponk:
Sega seems to be trapped in a time paradoxon. These guys really need to remember their 90s roots, games like daytona, nights (a GOOD HD nights), panzer dragoon ( i cant believe they've let panzer dragoon die), story of thor (oasis), soleil, sonic cd (i said it), shining force (the Srpg) etc are just waiting to pull the money out of my sega heart.

But ... no says the guy in tokio, this is what serves you right:
They made a Daytona for Dreamcast, it failed. They made a Panzer Dragoon for Xbox, it failed. They made a new Nights game, it failed. You can wrap "good" around every title, and believe them when they set out to and want to make good games. If the market doesn't like these games, why make more of them.

The only thing they have that has proven to sell is Sonic.

I love those games as much as anyone but the market has proven they don't give a s***. Like bringing back Alex Kidd or Fantasy Zone for the 5,000 people who care. Just isn't worth it to them.

BTW, SCUD Race/Super GT was never a good driving game. You could hardly call it a driving game. More like a slippery hovercar game. It exists in gamers minds because it was the pinnacle of graphics at the time and a somewhat hard to find and expensive arcade machine on release. Like the quote from Dave Perry at the time in a game magazine...people lined up to play San Fran Rush and banks of Super GT sitting there covered in dust. It just wasn't fun.

To quote someone from Sonic Stadium, "Check out this bulls***."

Scud Race is a "hovercar simulator."  This guy probably played it once or twice, lost badly and got pissed so he goes from topic to topic, smack-talking the game any chance that he gets.  Yes, it's true that we're probably never getting a new Alex Kidd game, but I'd like to think that Scud Race & Daytona are MUCH more marketable than a 10-year-old kid with a mullet.  Besides, if Scud Race is a hovercar game, then what does that make Sega Rally (remember, he's a Sega "fan"), Ridge Racer, Mario Kart, and Fast and the Furious?  What a joke.

So what about this David (or Dave) Perry?  He's trashing Scud Race?  What interview, who is he?  No one else in the NEOgaf topic acknowledges this.  So I do some simple research looking up info on this David Perry bloke and here's what I come up with:

David Perry (born 1967) is an Northern Irish video game developer who has created dozens of video games, the best known of which include Earthworm Jim, MDK, Messiah, Wild 9 and Enter the Matrix. He also founded Shiny Entertainment, where he worked from 1993 to 2006. Shiny created games for many internationally known brands and companies, including Disney, 7 Up, McDonald's, Orion Pictures, and Warner Bros. In 2008 he was presented with an honorary doctorate from Queen's University Belfast for his services to computer gaming. - Wikipedia, holy s*** who else...

EDIT: Ehh, took this part out, it was irrelevant.  His studio Shiny Entertainment was bought out by Atari in 2002.  He now works for Acclaim.  He has a website where he interviewed big game guys like Eugene Jarvis and Tommy Tallarico.  It was too much unnecessary detail...

EDIT: Wait a sec, there's two David Perry's.  One guy is a game developer, the other's a game reviewer who worked on some magazines.  It was most likely the second David Perry who cursed the name of Scud Race...well this is embarrassing.  Whoops!  One interview, two interviews, none of which mention arcades but if he did insult Scud Race...well, who cares now, lol.  Or maybe he didn't insult Scud Race, he was probably stating a fact (a sad one indeed), therefore I got worked up over nothing...  Both David Perry's are probably schmucks anyway.

I hereby declare that this topic on David Perry SUCKS so please don't take this seriously.

Anyway, what am I getting at here?  Digging up dirt on some random game designer for a quote that he "may" have said?  What a waste of time.  But trust me, if there's a secret cabal of game devs from Criterion, Electronic Arts, Raw Thrills, Turn 10, Polyphony Digital (who's in no position to talk after dropping the ball on GT5) and Namco, laughing and lyin' and laughing at Sega, I'll reveal these jerks for who they are and take 'em down a notch.  At least I have the guts to say that their games suck to the world while they try to hide their contempt for Sega cause they're scared...

Oh, and I did find one more thing looking at this David Perry (the game designer) website.  How to pitch a game idea!  What's his idea?  It's actually really simple, but the best method is to get a job with the game company you want to pitch the game to, then pitch the game from within.  From a legal standpoint, you can't just start bombarding companies with stuff and expect them to listen.  It's not that easy.

So I ask you Sega fans this--what are YOU doing about this?  My best advice--get a job with Sega, even as a janitor.  What I plan to do.  We need soldiers to enter the belly of the leviathan.  If no one will, how the HELL else do we expect Sega to change?  Who's populated the Sega studios anyway, people just looking for a buck or people who actually WANT TO MAKE GOOD GAMES???

That is not to say that fan campaigns are useless.  I'll probably touch on those later.

I'm done.  Why does the format for this entry suck so bad?  Thanks Blogspot, you suck.


  1. Hi Eric, I would advise you take care: there is another Dave Perry that used to appear on an old UK gameshow called Gamesmaster. Here is his wiki link; as you can see he has links with the gaming press. I also remember he moved to the US at one point.

  2. Oh ok, I remember reading somewhere that there were two David Perry's, but the game designer seemed to fit the bill much more so I just assumed the other David Perry was irrelevant...this topic sucks anyway.