Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Movin Out To Florida

In five hours, I'm getting in the car and heading to Florida for several months.  Before tonight, I took a trip to the mall to hang out, play Crazy Taxi, eat a pretzel, and just sit there.  What, am I getting into this sentimentality crap again?  Wasn't it a month ago that I moped about leaving my old house?  Well, I'm more annoyed about this 10-hour trip and all the stuff I couldn't find...moreso than I am sad about leaving.  When I get there in one piece, I'll feel much better.

Look, this whole game industry dream isn't just for's for all of us.  The guy who didn't get his new Daytona, Shenmue, whatever.  The guy who asked, "What's wrong with the game industry?"  Cause if there's one thing I can at least do, then it's at least give the people a reason to smile...

Anyway, be safe cause the news hasn't been good lately.  You must know three things: where you've been, where you're going, and why you're here.  Most people don't know any of these and that leads to confusion.  That's all I have to say so think about it.

Goodbye home!  Onto actually making those games.  Sadly, I do not know how much I'll be able to post following this.  I may be completely swamped with work...who knows.  Just try to have fun I guess.  Look to the finish line...making great video games.

This is my song:

Oh yeah, today, I was playing Dr. Mario in my Firefox browser...I got to Level 17 on Medium speed (starting from Level 1).  OMG try to beat my high score!!!!!  Click here to play for freeEDIT: That site's down, just play an emulator--may I suggest FCEUltra?

I'm also gonna add something cool to my blog soon, check it out...