Sunday, August 21, 2011

Going Around Orlando, Checking Out Arcades

Sup guys.  Reporting from Orlando, FL, these are the adventures of my life.  I was hanging out with my dad for a few days.  I'll tone down on the pics here.

Night drivin in Louisiana!

This is the George Wallace Tunnel in Mobile, Alabama.  It's a tunnel, what did you expect.

As we're nearing Orlando, the roads became more picturesque.  A saturated mix of gray, white, and green.

I wish I was on the race course.

Watch out, there's a ton of toll booths in Orlando.  DO NOT go on the highway if you want to pay the tolls (about $1 a toll).

Downtown Orlando.

This is the FIEA building.

Okay, enough of the pics.  We're staying in our little apartment.  We decide to go out and have some fun on Saturday.

I knew there was a Dave & Buster's somewhere in Orlando.  In case you don't know what D&B is, it's an arcade/restaurant/party location.  I've never been to a D&B so I was determined to check it out.  We got the address from Google, punched in the address, and off we go.

You have to realize there's two parts of Orlando.  We've been staying in Downtown Orlando which is basically like your everyday town--offices, apartments, stores, etc.  Driving about 7+ miles from Downtown, we end up on International Drive.  This is the other part of Orlando--the amusement parks, tourist traps, exotic restaurants, and heavy traffic.  Turns out that Dave & Buster's was in this myriad of stuff...

This is at about 8:30 PM.  The building is HUGE but there were hour-long lines of people waiting outside this late into the night.  So in the end, we had to leave.

I'll never know if there was a Daytona USA 2, Scud Race, etc. in there.  Well, maybe in the future.  Now's not the time to run out to a Dave & Buster's, especially since I have work to do at school.

But there's a saving grace--there is the World's Largest McDonald's Entertainment Center.  I saw this on Food Network's Top 10 Most Interesting McDonald's.  It's down the street from D&B's.  Unlike D&B's, there's no lines to wait in--just come right on in!

This place is huge.  The walls are painted with all these murals.  There's also two stories as well--restaurant on bottom, arcade/playplace on top.

Waiting in the big lines.  This place also has a bistro, wtf.   And it has a drive-thru as if you didn't want to enter this wonderful idiots.  But me and my dad ate $1 hot fudge sundaes and that's it.

We're on the second floor and here's most the games.  This is essentially a more elaborate Chuck E. Cheese's.

Tons of redemption games!

What games did this place have?  Heh...four Fast & Furious games, four Fast & Furious Bikes games.  So that makes EIGHT FnF games in one location.  FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.....

Also worth mentioning is that the place had two Nascar Arcade cabinets...I didn't take a picture though.

The place actually had indoor bowling?  Crap bowling, nonetheless...

A cutout of Bill Cosby?  That's ballin...

But that's not all.  I saw something at that McDonald's which significantly changed my life (more than Bill
Cosby).  What you ask?  This post is TO BE CONTINUED...

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