Sunday, August 14, 2011

What Do I Talk About Now??? Oh Yes, Game Design...

In a few days, I'm moving to Florida.  Thursday is Orientation Day--I'll get to meet my cohorts and receive my fancy laptop.  Then I have a few days to do nothing until class begins Monday.  But I'll discuss this at a later time.

Until then, I'm feeling a bit exhausted.  Well, I was having fun watching baseball on TV (what?) until that ended and playing Rock Band until my 360 broke down.

The logic behind this is that the 360 is a lot more complex and thus uses a lot more electricity and burns itself out faster (and is more fragile to boot) which is really sad...that's "state-of-the-art" technology for you.  But anyway...

Really, now gaming feels like a drag.  I'm starting to get annoyed by the hundreds of headlines that fly across Kotaku, Joystiq, Gamespot, GameFAQs, all those crap websites.  There's nothing "good" on the Sega horizon as of now.  Instead, the blogs are running a bunch of stupid junk like Rage, Star Wars, Dead Island, just STFU already.  I can't even read these social sites since I'm just baffled by the large amount of idiots that play the same games as I  Seriously, just take a stroll around GameFAQs, Kotaku comments, Something Awful, 4chan, Reddit, wherever and lose faith in humanity.  Though the ratio of idiots to non-idiots differs per site.

I've had ideas for future posts on my mind for a while, but I'm just gonna sit on them for now.  As a matter of fact, just about anything I do feels like a waste of time.  Ever feel that way about games?  I think my broken Xbox 360 is trying to tell me something.

Lol, I'm just chillin' like Archie Bunker so I found this funny picture to prove my point.  70's camera footage FTW!!  Just like Archie, I'm a bigot...against internet buffoons and bad racing games.  Come on, it's easy--just don't be an asshat and stop making Burnout/FnF clones.

One little story about how annoying gaming is.  I have a younger brother who is part of a "band."  He plays drums (like any good rebel does) while his friends play guitar and stuff.  At first, his whole group was into Call of Duty: Black Ops.  Then they reverted back to Modern Warfare 2.  Then one member of the band buys a silver Mitsubishi Eclipse with a black hood.  So what now?  Everyone starts playing Forza 3, talking like they know s*** about cars--"Dude, I just saw a 240SX down by the mall," or "I'm gonna buy a Civic and put a spoiler on it," or some crap like that.  What a piece of crap.  They also got into World of Warcraft  in similar fashion--how stupid is this...

But anyway, just like owning a fancy car make you into a car enthusiast, so does playing games make you a game designer.  We're all game designers now.

Man, I ain't into nuttin'...

For one thing, the the part of game design in which you play them is a load of ass--that's called beta testing.  It basically means sitting in your tiny cubicle, playing a buggy, incomplete prototype of a game, writing down every bug/flaw/suggestion that you come across.  Like driving an RC car through a minefield--yeah you get an RC car but not for long!

Really, though, I'm lucky that I got into this "legit" gaming university (FIEA) because I heard these nightmare stories about people who go to these mainstream/lightweight gaming colleges (Full Sail, lol) who can't find jobs.  I did plan on attending Full Sail at one point...whew, dodged a bullet back there!

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