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EDIT: Added the Ron Hornaday wreck: Nov. 4th

I wanna talk about NASCAR again.  Hey, I think it's cool so shove it.  This one's for you, Kyle.  New story--Famous NASCAR drive Kyle Busch gets his license revoked for 45 days (including $1000 fine and 30 hours of teen-driving community service).  He drove 128 mph in a 45 zone--83 mph over the speed limit. In his yellow sports car driving by a day-care center and a church.  As you can tell, such an activity is frowned upon in our society.  That is, unless you're playing Burnout or Need for Speed, then it's "awesome" (take out the day-care center for MASSIVE points!!).

But Kyle is still allowed to race.  Oh, the irony...he can drive on race courses but NOT public roads.  For us commoners, it's the other way around.

Just for fun, here's some cool clips of him being an asshat.  He's in the #18 (usually M&M's) car, BTW.

Takes out Kevin Harvick (and Clint Bowyer) then gets in a confrontation at the end of the race (1:30)!  And also wrecks Kevin's car a second time post-race!

Hey man, did you just swear?  WARNING: Language

He gets penalized for exceeding the pit lane speed limit.  Then he flips off the official (1:30) and gets penalized a second time.

Kyle Busch taps one of Richard Childress' trucks during practice. So Richard, despite being a senior citizen, sees through Kyle's crap and picks a fistfight with him.  Supposedly, Richard won the fight.  Unfortunately, we have no footage of the fight--just dumb ESPN news stories.

Classy Carl Edwards wins the race so Kyle (who finished second) gives him a little nudge afterwards.  Carl returns the favor and knocks Kyle the f*** out...

NO ONE ever calls themselves a crybaby...unless you're Kyle Busch, that is (loses classy points for acting like a noob).

No one loves Kyle Busch!

Hey, you just won a guitar!  Let's smash it to bits!!!  (I do this to Guitar Hero controllers)

Appearing on the WWE earns you classless points no matter what.  Not gonna lie though, sometimes the WWE cracks me up.

Kyle Busch in pink.

But despite this, at 26 years old, he's actually a damn good driver.  He's actually first place in the Sprint Cup standings as of right now.  Got a little Cole Trickle & Ricky Bobby in him...

Stay classy, Kyle Busch (or "Kyle B****", the word that rhymes with "ditch" HAHA made that one up just now, so clever...).

EDIT: So this post was over two months old.  We thought that we'd get the "new" Kyle Busch--the one who wouldn't do stupid crap like this anymore.  Wrong!  So I'm watching Speed Channel on Friday (cause ESPN was boring me) and they have the Camping Truck series on.  I saw this live, what a coinky-dink.

Kyle is racing and some guy named Ron Hornaday bumps into him, causing the two to rub the outside wall and draw a caution.  Okay, both cars are still intact, but that doesn't stop Kyle from deliberately rear-ending Ron into the wall and taking them both out of the race.  Bear in mind that Kyle acted WAY AFTER the yellow flag was out so there was no way this could be viewed as an accident.  Sad story is that Ron's wreck eliminated him from championship contention (he was in 4th place when the race began).  Not only that, but Ron could've been injured.  He sat in the wrecked truck for some time although he got out and was okay.  Isn't that borderline vehicular assault?

So Kyle, why do you suck so much?  Okay, so Kyle wrote an apology letter (after NASCAR refused to let him race that very weekend) but still, what a schmuck.

EDIT: Not long after the Ron Hornaday wreck, M&M's announced they are dropping their sponsorship of Kyle's #18 car.  You know what that means, Kyle??

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