Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Daytona 2 Forest Dome Major Pics

Here's some pictures that I took a long time ago.  I should've posted these sooner but better now than never, huh.  Take a look at previous pictures: Daytona USA 2 picsScud Race pics part 1Scud Race pics part 2.

Anyway, there's a Daytona USA 2: Battle on the Edge rom out there.  It's 86.7 MB, you go look for it, I'm not posting links.

Like I said before, I'm playing this at 20% of actual game speed so the whole thing was in slo-mo for me (made taking pics easy though).  I also should mention that because this is beta emulator footage we're talking about here, the edges are going to look very sharp/brittle.  If I took these pics in a resolution higher than 640x480, then it wouldn't be a problem...maybe I'll post higher res pics later.  And that the pics are not in chronological order because Photobucket had to scramble them all around.  But here it is, the Phantom in all its glory:

Copyrights?  What are those?

This isn't from Battle on the Edge but it looks cool anyway.


Rolling Start!!

And we're under way!

Wow, just check out this place and all the detail...it's fascinating.

Nice, a spinning red sign  to the right and some 18-wheelers to the left.

Take a look at the sky, above the timer.  You'll notice something...

See, look at the red circle!  You'll see that there are birds flying around at this part of the track.  I had NO IDEA about this until now!  Oh the things that we learn about the game...13 years later.

Another shot of the waterfall for good measure.

It says "Palm Rock Valley."  There's some flowers, lookin' good I see.

This place is vibrant but a bit dark, like we're driving through a cave...

But then the light shines through and reflects off the camera!

And now we begin to slide.

Close to the wall!

Near the finish line!


I'm snapping cool shots of the credits screen.

Here I am just cruis'n as usual....

Poor guy thinks he can overtake me!

Inside the car.

Okay, this is just weird.  This is what happens when you let Ray Charles drive.

The car crashes and flips over during the credits sequence, what's up with that???  It's probably a glitch because if it's deliberate, than it's a sick joke.

You don't see the car recover from the wreck, it just keeps driving like normal...

Watch for flying cars!

Massive wreck!

He gets shoved off the course...in front of a sign that with a skeleton says "Accident?  Call (some number)."

Crazy drift!

"I'm the greatest."

Driving off into the horizon...

And we have this stupid man to thank for this great game.

Conglaturation, high score!!!

People, I tell you what.  After going through these pics again, I'm just really upset.  It's a shame that after 13 years, Sega has only given this game a slight nod (the OR2 bonus course).  It's pathetic and it really hurts to think about it.

But this makes it that much sweeter when we finally get that new Daytona game.  Better than that stupid new Call of Duty, Halo, Final Fantasy, Zelda...BOOK IT!


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