Saturday, August 13, 2011


nEW cOUNTER-sTRIKE GAME CALLED "Counter-Strike Global Offensive"!!!

For PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Mac.  It's gonna have sexy graphics, like Portal 2.  Coming out in 2012.

FINALLY.  A breath of fresh air for console FPSes.

I really wonder how the CoD/GoW/Halo kiddies are going to react to Counter-Strike.  They'll probably say about the bomb defusal mode, "Hey, this rips off CoD Search and Destroy!!"  Well, you dumbass, CS was doing this bomb defusal back in 1999 and CoD ripped off CS.  Oh well, it's a good game mode, glad CoD has it.

This release will have a few new guns including decoy grenades (pssh).  I wonder if it'll have any token deathmatch modes or will it be entirely bomb defusal or hostage rescue?

Oh, and I PRAY TO THE LORD that this game doesn't have aiming down the sights like every other crummy FPS.  ADS is tex suxxor; roflcopter.

So in honor of Counter-Strike, I present to you...FPS Doug, a real American (or Canadian?) badass.  Never back down from a challenge (WARNING: Language):

Oh, BTW, don't buy into this "Online Gamer" guy--he's no FPS Doug.  As a matter of fact, he copied Doug's hair-do (shaved); brilliant...

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