Monday, August 1, 2011

MLG And Evo Stuff (Professional Gaming)

EDITED twice, moved the NASCAR part to its own post

Oh man.  Get ready for more gaming conventions.  So yesterday, I was watching a Major League Gaming (in Anaheim) stream on some website.  They were playing Halo: Reach, CoD: Black Ops, and Starcraft 2.  Who won?  Well, I don't know.  Also, at the same time, there was this Evo tournament thing (in Las Vegas).  They were playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (with no Megaman) and Street Fighter 4.  Thank God there was no Smash Bros. or I would have snapped.  BTW, there was some dude from Saudi Arabia who came in 2nd place in SF4 and that's boss.

OMG Koreans playing Starcraft, we're not worthy!!!

I have no idea what's going on here.

So I watched and I guess it was kind of cool.  No I didn't absolutely abhor it like pretty much everything else.  Well, everyone playing CoD ran around with the Famas Red Dot (very rarely an AK74 or G11)/Lightweight/Sleight of Hand which was kind of stupid but they were playing under special rules.  There were about 80,000 people watching both streams plus those watching on Spike/G4 and in the actual convention center.

Man, I tell you I get a little jealous of those guys.  Nothing like struggling to keep a 1.0 KDR on Black Ops (not me, some other people), then seeing these guys put on a show.  That's a real morale boost there.  Don't worry kids--just play enough Halo/CoD and someday, you'll make $30,000 a year playing video games!  Yeah, good luck.  Remember, changing your XBL Gamerpic to a MLG logo will increase your skills by 1000%.

But in the end, you still gotta go back to real life--working hard, taking care of business, keeping the world going around.  I don't even remember who won.  Also MLG/Evo will never air on ESPN while professional poker will.  Hell, even 1st and 10 gets aired over video games so QQ moar nerds.

I have to watch Skip Bayless over MLG.

Another thing I noticed was the advertisements.  Now Dr. Pepper is synonymous with gamers--when did this happen?  What happened to Mountain Dew--no one likes that anymore?  Dr. Pepper has a contest that will hook someone up with some gaming room with a l33t beast PC and sofa.  Great, I liked Dr. Pepper when no one cared now everyone likes it and makes me look like a bandwagoner.  Also, what's up with this NOS energy drink?  I don't drink energy drinks cause those are for World of Warcraft nerds who pull all-nighters with their "epic 30-man raids."  The only NOS I want is in my car, not in me.


Speaking of competitive gaming, there's also CPL: Cyberathlete Professional League.  Oh man, now that's old school.  They're still around although they may be merged with MLG or some crap like that.

Let's go back to Counter-Strike.  Not Source but 1.6.  The Greatest Game Ever Played.

Real men play CS.  I'd play more but my comp sucks, wait until I get a new one...

Now this is a LAN party.


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